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Donation ranks and perks

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WflrawB.png.png Contributor: ($10 trading sticks) - 3% drop rate boost - access to the donator slayer dungeon and Contributor zone.
Tzkonav.png Sponsor: ($50 trading sticks) - 5% drop rate boost
qDdcKxB.png Supporter: ($150 trading sticks) - 7% drop rate boost
h3hc1yK.png Donator: ($300 trading sticks) - 10% drop rate boost
7d62406396a3ff24bf131319985bb88f.png Super donator: ($500 trading sticks) - 10% drop rate boost
1544c9f1b61ca021b66c62e02a2f1416.png Extreme donator: ($1,000 trading sticks) - 15% drop rate boost
luwEoOi.png Legendary: ($2,500 trading sticks) - 16% drop rate boost - exclusive Legendary pet - access to the Legendary zone
* $1 = 1 stick, you get bonus sticks with the more money donated.
Be aware that we are still adding extra perks for the donation ranks.
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