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Autoscape Rules

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Verbally attacking a user/flaming - Even though we accept the occasional swearing, we do NOT accept when players verbally attack other users, this means when a player continuously and heavily swears at another user and insults them, for whichever reason it may be. (IP mute for a week, then perm ban if it continues)

Spamming - A user will be considered a spammer when his' or her's messages are disrupting the public order. (Mute for a day, then week, then perm)

Luring - This is a no tolerance rule. Do not lure people into dropping their items for any malicious reason, and do not lure people into the wilderness just to kill them. Luring includes tricking players into dropping their items, or into the wilderness with false information. (1 week ban)

Duping - This is a no tolerance rule. If you fine a dupe, on accident or on purpose and do not tell an admin, owner, or developer, you will be banned without warning. (Mac & IP ban on sight)

Bug abuse - The abuse of a bug for either personal gain or for the harm of the community or server is forbidden. (Mac & IP ban on sight)

Impersonation - The impersonation of a staff member is strictly forbidden and is highly punishable. (Ban on sight)

Accounts/Multi-logging - This is a no tolerance rule. Both in-game and forum accounts are personal and non-transferable.  You may not use alts to complete quests for rewards. You may ONLY have up to 3 accounts online at any given time (including bossing and etc) besides Event. You only can have one account participating in all Events. (Warning, kick, ban) Event is defined as Royal Rumble, Drop Parties, Giveaways, Goodie bags, any others events hosted by Staff / Community.

Macroing/Botting - This is a no tolerance rule. As macroing and botting provide a huge advantage over other players, this is a very serious offense. Macroing and botting include but are not limited to: auto-clicking, auto-looting, and auto-skilling. The only time you are allowed to do this is when you are afk ALCHING and afk making darts, no other time. (Warning, 1 day ban, 1 week ban, perm ban)


Discrimination - Discrimination is not allowed within this site (http://www.autoscape.org). This means no racism, sexism, or homophobic comments towards anyone. (1 week mute first offence, perm mute if it continues)

Pornography - Seeing how a great portion of the users that use AutoScape are young, we do not allow pornography. (Deleted on sight)

Threatening - Threatening or placing in harms way either the server or its community is strictly forbidden and shall be punished severely. (Mac & IP ban on sight)

Advertising - This is a no tolerance rule. Advertising any other RuneScape Private Server is strictly forbidden. (Mac & IP ban on sight)

Punishment avoidance - Creating an account to circumvent an existing punishment is forbidden. (IP mute/ban if needed)


PKP/Emblem farming - This is a no tolerance rule. If you are caught farming yourself or your friend in the wilderness for pkp or emblems you will be punished. (Warning, 1 day ban, 1 week ban, perm ban)


Real world trading - The only people you are allowed to real world trade is Pav


As this is a new rule, staff will use their discretion to use or not use this rule for the first few weeks, starting from Today (26th Jan 2020)

Players are not allowed to beg. This can include players asking for "free items", "loans".
This rule will not be in place while an event is on that includes players getting free items, however, they cannot constantly beg/ask for the free items, players will have to be patient.

1st Offence - Warning
2nd Offence - Mute for a day.
3rd Offence - Ban for a week.
4th Offence - Ban for a month.

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