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Change log 18

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Change log 18.0

Coins will now be automatically picked up from npc drops.
1:10 chance to get an ultra mystery box anytime you buy from the in game donator shop using trading sticks. (earned from prestiging, daily events)
Melee XP has been slightly lowered
Experience-boosting sets increase the experience gained in a specific skill when worn. These sets can be obtained by completing achievement diaries. Diary masters can be found in every city. Starter items, Ardougne Cloak(Thieving)Kandarin headgear(Agility),  Varrock Chestplate(Smithing), Morytania Legs(Fire making), Fremennik sea boots(Fishing), karamja gloves(Crafting), Explorer's ring (Farming), Desert Amulet(Runecrafting), Wilderness sword(Melee) and falador shield(Prayer) 1 can all be upgraded into 3 more tiers of Bonus Experience multipliers.
Quest tab (the Statistics tab) now has some more information and will continue to be used more.

Bug fixes

Fixed Hunter/Construction bug
Buffed Neon/Chaotic claws
Infernal m box slight nerf
Fixed a 2h bug
Konar now gives less XP
Mole entrance is now by slayer guides
Hydra instance is slightly north of slayer guides past ditch

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