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Changelog 14.0

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 + Kalphite King is a new boss and can be found in the Kalphite Queens lair! *MASSIVE DROP TABLE*

 + Changed Supervisor rank to Head Mod

 + Banned primal armour from pvp

 + Buffed korasi’s sword special attack damage

 + Greatly reduced droprate for tekton, vorkath, and sorcerer's armour


 - Reduced Harambe’s max hit from 99 to 85

 - Greatly reduced queen black dragon’s max hit


Bug fixes


 + To’kash is now attackable

 + Fixed Char’s script

 + Fixed infernal mystery box and ultra mystery box turning into dwarf remains with collector’s necklace

 + Removed all the glitchy stand animations with certain items

 + Fixed dragon sword’s special attack damage

 + Moved the barrows tunnel spawn to the chest room

 + Kitt’s pet is fixed

 + Fixed issue with upgrading infernal scythe of vitur

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