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Changelog 13.0

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+Added an Open-all option on Donator, Infernal, and Ultra boxes, after 100 consecutive openings, you will no longer get notifications of what you get

+Added imp spawns in the osrs sheep farm in lumbridge

+Moved home to edgeville

+Removed the farm patches at cows teleport

+Infernal cape is now upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 2 @ 20% success rate)

+Regular Twisted bow and Scythe of vitur are now both upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 10% success rate) Note: you can still upgrade them with 10 smouldering stones at 100% success rate

+Flaming fire cape is now upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 10% success rate)

+Cryo platebody and platelegs are now both upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 25% success rate)

+All tentacle whips (regular, volcanic, frozen, and rainbow) are now upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 5% success rate)

+1M HP boss is now Harambe, and now has 100k HP

+Godwars dungeon bosses now give 3 boss points as opposed to 1

+Added an animation when trying to upgrade an item

+Replaced Bandos chestplate (upgraded) and Bandos tassets (upgraded) to Malevolent platebody and platelegs

+Added Malevolent helmet

+Added full Malevolent to Barrows chest drop table

+HP now regenerates like OSRS

+Dwarf cake now has guzzle option

+Removed slay req for kraken for players to easily farm.

+Reduced the amount of sticks required for every instance

+Slayer task streaks now give platinum tokens

+Greatly increased hunter experience rate

+Added ::harambe command for Supporter+ ($150 amount donated)

+Added ::prestige command for Supporter+ ($150 amount donated)

+Added Demon pet to demon swamp shop, it costs 2500 tickets and gives an extra 5, 10, 15 tickets

+Added Shadowhunter’s brutal whip to Skotizo drops

+Added stats to Shadowhunter’s brutal whip, and added 2 extra hits against npcs

+Added collector’s necklace to donator box

+Added donation announcements

+Clicking “Claim” on activity tickets will now claim all of them as opposed to just one

+Players that do 100 or more damage to Harambe or Vorago now get 25 boss points upon killing the boss

+Blood wars bosses, maiden, bloat, and king infernal dragon now give 7 boss points per kill

+Revamped the donator store

+Added Blood nex, entrance is located in lumbridge graveyard, it requires 5 bloodwars vouchers to enter

+Blood torva, blood pernix, and blood virtus now have a maximum hp of 200

+Added stats to Chaotic and Neon claws, also added spec bar

+Added Char, Har’lakk, To’kash, and QBD teleports

+You will now be skulled if you attack Nightmare or Sir Lunar

+Added Turkey boss, drops include evil chicken costume, and saradomin godsword (or)

+Increased pvp armour degradation from 100k hits to 500k hits

+Slightly nerfed vorago and nex

+Added Triple Nex Boss

+Here are the new rev spawns: Rev hobgoblins - south of raptors at home, rev pyrefiends by dark mage lvl 4 wildy, also near west dragons, rev knight - South West of Wilderness Agility, hellhound/orcs - Forgotten cemetery, raptors - East of Chaos Temple

+Players will no longer lose items on death unless they’re in wilderness.

+Divine Overload made with OVL + 1 Trading Stick {Potion with no dmg}


-Nerfed divine sword

-Reduced the maximum hp of regular nex armours to 135

-Removed Vesta’s from donator box



Bug Fixes


-Two player owned shop bugs have been fixed

-Fixed an issue where you could keep trying to upgrade infernal scythe

-Fixed an issue where you get the message “You cannot upgrade this item” on upgradeable items, and not on non-upgradeable items

-::Droprate no longer shows XX.00000001% and now shows XX%

-Fixed starter blowpipe for new players showing it’s filled with hunter potions, and is now filled with mithril darts

-Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to upgrade armadylian chestplate and platelegs

-Buffed sirenic due to it having the same bonus damage as infernal vanguard

-Removed the range defense stats on amethyst arrows, javelins, and bolts

-Fixed female model for nightmare platelegs

-Fixed an issue where infernal zuriel robe bottoms didn’t give stats or bonus damage

-Fixed a bug where players were using a specific cheat engine to load interfaces and use them.

-Fixed where it would announce ‘you have received a 10000x’

-Capped open-all on boxes to 28

-Fixed Sigmund’s blood money shop

-Fixed sizes of revenant raptor and pyrefiend

-Fixed nex model

-Fixed Neon infernal twisted magma bow

-Fixed Bloodwars twisted magma bow

-Now when you advance HP level, you will regenerate your HP.

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