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The Devil

Changelog 12.0

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Changelog 12.0


Featuring Fountain of Upgrading! 


Located next to Prestige Master


Requires 3 sticks to upgrade

Tier One Upgrades


(Melee) Baby olm (requires 2 pieces @ 60% success rate) > Tekton

(Range) Armadylian (requires 2 pieces @ 60% rate) > KBD 

(Mage) Ancestral (requires 2 pieces @ 60% rate) > Infernal Zuriel’s 

Tier Two Upgrades


(Melee) Tekton (requires 1 piece @ 20% rate, Tekton Gloves + Boots for ShadowHunter Cape) > ShadowHunter 

(Range) KBD (requires 1 piece @ 20% rate) > Vorkath 

(Mage) Infernal Zuriel’s (requires 1 piece @ 20% rate) > Sorcerer’s

Tier Three Upgrades


(Melee) Shadow hunter’s (requires 1 piece to upgrade @ 10% success rate)> Torva 

(Range) Vorkath (requires 1 piece to upgrade @ 10% success rate)> Infernal vanguard 

(Mage) Sorcerer’s (requires 1 piece to upgrade @ 10% success rate)> Enchanted Sorcerer’s

Tier BIS Upgrades


MVP Staff (requires 1 MVP Staff @ 5% success rate)> MVP Staff (U) 

Misc Upgrades

Infernal box (requires 1 box @ 3.33333% success rate)> Halloween mystery box


Introducing Nightmare Boss! 
To get there use ::nightmare (WILDERNESS)

Mini Boss, Infernal Ent!


Infernal Ent spawns at 1/16 rate after killing Ent. Infernal Ent 2x drop rates as regular Ent

+Added Makeover Chair

+Added Bob, Platinum Token Store. Sell Items to Bob to get Platinum Tokens

+Moved Demon Swamp Entrance to outer wall, west of home, next to Ents

+Added stats to Infernal ganodermic, useable in pvp
+EcoHolders now automatically picks up drops. (Built-in Collector’s Necklace)

+Added Dagannoth staff, crossbow, and cape to Dagannoth kings drop tables

+Moved Shadowhunter drop from 500k boss to Skotizo

+500K HP Boss now drops Ghostly Torva

+Fixed Vesta’s longsword attack animation

+Fixed Divine spirit shield model

+Added Divine sigil to corp drops

+Fixed Drygore weapon names from boxes

+Fixed Inventory item’s models.

+Replaced Sorcerer’s Handwraps with Baby Olm leggings in Baby Olm’s droptable

+Added Divine spirit shield special, will now block 30% of damage taken, while the Elysian only blocks 25%

+Boogie bow is now 2 handed

+Added ascension bolts (e) to only be used with the ascension crossbow, also gave ascension crossbow the same strength as the boogie bow

+Added Armadylian armour and crossbow, obtained from Kree’arra

+Changed Kree’arra’s drops, old very rare is now rare, old rare is now uncommon, old uncommon is now common, old common has not been changed

+Readded Elysian spirit shield and Arcane spirit shield to blood money shop, also added Divine spirit shield

+Added Tier 1 gear to boss point shop, Baby olm gear, Armadylian gear, and Ancestral robes

+Added trading sticks and smouldering stones to vote shop

-Nerfed MVP Staff Damage from +9 to +7

-Banned Divine sword from pvp

-Removed Kril and Ghostly torva armour packs from vote shop

-Removed Baby Olm gear from Rune & Addy Dragons

-Made Rune & Addy Dragon unaggressive

-Removed Berry NPC, merged the shop with Fred’s Ent Store.

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