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Changelog 11.0

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Changelog 11.0

+Fixed Vesta’s longsword attack animation

+Fixed Divine spirit shield model

+Added Divine sigil to corp drops

+Fixed Drygore weapon names from boxes

+Added Divine spirit shield special, will now block 30% of damage taken, while the Elysian only blocks 25%

-Banned Divine sword from pvp

+Boogie bow is now 2 handed

+Added ascension bolts (e) to only be used with the ascension crossbow, also gave ascension crossbow the same strength as the boogie bow

+Added Armadylian armour and crossbow, obtained from Kree’arra, an enhanced version of armadyl including *wings!

+Changed Kree’arra’s drops, old very rare is now rare, old rare is now uncommon, old uncommon is now common, old common has not been changed

+Added stats to Infernal ganodermic, useable in pvp

+Added Dagannoth staff, crossbow, and cape to Dagannoth kings drop tables

+Bloodmoney Store to bloodwars npc

+ All GWD 2 bosses now drop blood money with increased accuracy on all loot!

+Baby Olm gear to addy/rune drop tables + baby olm drop table.

+Nerfed addy/rune dragons to be more noob friendly + changed there distanced attacks.

+ Added BloodWars Twisted Bow, BloodWars Magma Bow. The Bow will be in the shop and be used to create the upgraded magma bow.

-Removed cooking level for all fish, anglerfish is at home to be fished/cooked with no requirements

+Made pest control queen easier to fight, new way to get void pieces by talking to void knight near fogw!

+Gave all Primal Gear better stats + fixed a lot of item bonuses and prices.

+We finally exterminated the last of the lizards! But some small dino's moved in next to the castle!

-Removed unnecessary loot notifications. *Music cape now has an emote

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