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Changelog 9.0 and 9.5

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Changelog 9.0

+Added Adamant & Runite Dragon lair ( Have chance to drop keys to access new baby olm boss )

+Baby Olm Boss

+Fixed Vorkath aggressiveness

+Dropped vorkath's special attack move to 3's instead of 30's

+Fixed High Alchemy and made it castable without runes. -Fixed a few small bugs with npcs not giving correct XP

+Fixed directional skilling, you can chop a tree from any side and your player will face the object

+Added Neon Infernal Claws -Added Divine spirit shield

+Fixed infernal T bow

+Upgraded infernal Scythe model

+Added Double AnyXP Bond will stack with bonus xp scrolls

+Fixed vls, stat hammer, and korasi spec animations

+Added Lunar Boss and drops, can be located at South-West of Mage Bank ::mb (See image below)


+Increased queen black dragon’s max hit to 69

+Buffed korasi slightly

+Raids boxes are now stackable

+Admins can now use ::giveeco and ::takeeco

-Removed annihilation, decimation, obliteration, eternal torva, custom spirit shields, infernal vanguard, and sorcerer’s from pvp

+Added Ghostly gloves to finish the ghostly set

+Added stats to infernal vanguard, it is now a hybrid range and melee set that is better than tekton and vorago in damage

-Removed the broken zaros halo from game, and added the working one to nex drops

+Added a 1/50 chance to get an ultra mysterybox and a 1/100 chance to get an infernal mysterybox from any npc in the wilderness

+Added a chance of getting 5000-25000 fangs upon killing olm

+Fixed droprate, 100% droprate is now 100% drops


Changelog 9.5

+Bonfires are here! Rush your way to 99 firemaking while standing by a fire! (Conveniently burning south of home's castle)

+Nex armours now have an additional hp boost effect when consuming food

+5 More skin colors have been added to the client

+High alchemy has returned with no rune requirement

+Added collector’s necklace, this replaced the lunar necklace and the drop from the lunar boss

-Removed all global messages from opening boxes for ecoholders

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