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Changelog 8.0

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Changelog 8.0

+Added working effects for Annihilation, Decimation, and Obliteration, you have a ⅛ chance to go berserk and deal 150% more damage

+Added healing effect to Boogie bow, heals 25% of damage dealt, and is stronger than twisted magma bow, max hit 97

+Buffed Ghostly torva and Demon’s sword

+Added Nightmare set

-Added healing effect to Nightmare sword, heals 25%, max hit alone 59

+Added Korasi’s sword, ultra mystery box, karambit, and 2h of the lawbringer to royal rumble rewards

+Added working spec to Korasi’s sword

+Added stats to Vorago set, it is now a tribrid set that’s better than Tekton/Sorcerer/Vorkath armour, but is worse than Cryo/Shadowhunter/Sirenic

+You now have the chance to receive the Neon Infernal Cape from the almighty Inferno minigame

-Fixed how Staff of light is created, it is not Saradomin’s light + Staff of the dead


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