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Changelog 7.0 - Halloween Update!

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Changelog 7.0 - Halloween Update!

+Halloween event is here! Jack-O-Kraken will drop the very rare items at a rate of 1/300. Drops include the Justispookier set and the Scythe of the Occult!

::duel to teleport to Duel Arena, run south of Lumbridge Swamp to fight Jack-O-Kraken


Good Luck!

Additional updates;

+Made custom spell for MVP Staff(heals 25% of damage and same damage as before, works in multi)

+Made polypore staff spell for pvp(max 35)

+Edited quests tab interface

+Added treasure hunter interface

+Edited information tab interface

+Fixed WOGW bonus xp(was 1.5x XP, now 2x)

+Added WOGW bonus xp for contributor+(3x xp)

+Fixed 1hr bonus xp scroll

+Fixed wilderness

+Fixed duel arena

+Fixed vet’ion instance

+Fixed EP

+Fixed price of primal helm in raids shop

+Removed infernal box and umb from revs

+Created Revenant box

+Added 3 new locations for pool and tree

+Made hunter skill tab icon teleport to Puro Puro, hunter minigame for xp and boosted rewards like trading sticks

+Made slayer skill tab teleport to tasks/towards masters for newcomers to get straight to slayer and get levels up

+RuneCrafting Skill Tab teleports to abyss where  you can freely train runecrafting.

+Added Anglerfish next to afk fishing and reduced all req's to fish/cook them to add to new players skilling and bringing more into the eco + chest/fire next to the spots

+Replaced the broken furnace at skiller’s cove

-Removed level/rune requirements for high alchemy to encourage items be alched for cash

-Removed 200m xp message for p ring users

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