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Loot From 100 Ultra Mystery Boxes

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Thought this would be a fun little thing to do and give some players info on what you can expect.

( all prices next to items are total price of all items )

Prices Are Based Off Price Guide

Total Price Of UMB's = 25b               Total Price Of Loot = 69,622,500,000



Guthan's Helm x3 - 37.5m

Guthan's Platebody x2 - 25m

Torag's Platebody - 12.5m

Karil's Leathertop - 12.5m

Karil's Leatherskirt - 12.5m

Verac's Helm - 12.5m

Verac's Brassard 12.5m

Verac's Plateskirt x3 - 37.5m

Verac's Flail - 12.5m

Ahrim's Hood x3 - 37.5m

Ahrim's Robeskirt - 12.5m

Dharok's Platebody - 12.5m

Dharok's Platelegs x2 - 25m

Amulet Of Fury x5 - 125m

Amulet Of Torture x3 - 450m

Amulet Of Anguish x2 - 300m

Tormented Bracelet - 150m

Obsidian Helmet x3 - 300m

Obsidian Platebody x2 - 200m

Obsidian Platelegs - 100m

Serpentine Helm x6 - 600m

Magma Helm x2 - 300m

Tanzanite Helm - 150m

Dragonfire Shield x2 - 60m

Ancient Wyvern Shield x4 - 400m

Eternal Crystal x3 - 600m

Berserker Ring (i)

Archers Ring (i)

Armadyl Godsword x4 - 2b

Bandos Godsword - 100m

Zamorak Godsword - 100m

Bandos Chestplate x4 - 400m

Bandos Tassets x2 - 200m

Armadyl Chestplate - 250m

Abyssal Tentacle x2 - 50m

Elder Maul x3 - 675m

Abyssal Dagger (p++) x5 - 500m

Trident Of The Swamp x2 - 300m

Heavy Ballista x3 - 150m

Armadyl Crossbow x3 - 750m

Dragon Hunter Crossbow x3 - 150m

Total Common Loot = 9,622,500,000



Blue Partyhat - 5b

Purple Partyhat - 5b

Black H'ween Mask - 15b

Santa Hat - 2.5b

Binding Necklace - 12.5b

Kebbit - 20b

Total Rare Loot = 60b


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