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Changelog 6.0

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Server changes:

-Added 1M OSRS tokens

-Nerfed sticks from crystal tree, glod, 200m xp, and loot pool

-Increase price of MVP staff from raids shop (700k to 2.5m)

-Reworked PVM casket

-Fixed all Nex models and added Zaryte bow

-Removed infinite starters

-Added QBD, upon killing it there is a chance of 1000 fangs per every player with rare chance of 1k fangs + 5 trading sticks

-Earning Potential system will randomly increase as long as you are in the wilderness with chances to get rare drops increasing all the way to 100% being the best.

-Quick sets are available when entering the wilderness as a way to easily fight

-You now earn fangs from slayer tasks

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