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The Devil

Introducing New Bosses!!

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The moment we all have been waiting for is now finally here!
We are happy to announce the long-awaited update is now ready for release for you all to enjoy!

Two bosses has been added to AutoScape, Vorago and Nex!



Vorago is a Very Dangerous Boss! It can be accessed by using a Blue Portal located at East of Home.
Vorago drops Trading Sticks 6306.png,  Torva Armor, and more. 



Nex is a Very Dangerous Boss! It can be found by entering into a cave, South of Home and ::dice.
Nex Dungeon is Dangerous. You will need 200 Crystals to fight Nex.
You can obtain crystals by killing Crystal Wolves and mining ores or cutting trees inside Nex Dungeon. 

Nex drops Primal Set, Pernix Set, Virtus Set, and more. 


Now Introducing Loot Pool and Crystal Trees!
Loot Pool will appears every hour at West of Ents. Loot from the Event Pool to get coins and rare chance to $10 Scroll!
Crystal Tree will appear every 40 minutes at South of home near Thieving Stalls. Cutting the tree will give you Crystals that have random chance at items including trading sticks 6306.png


Other Additional Server updates:

Added ECO Holder(EH):

-EH can no longer sell items in Player Owned Shops (POS)

-EH no longer lose items on death

-EH cannot trade items

-EH cannot drop items


-Drygore long is no longer stackable

-Fixed trading untradeable items in player owned shops

-Fixed raid points being bugged

-Fixed your crown drawing above other peoples’ head

-Fixed putting stackable items in looting bag https://gyazo.com/b6899219e8be07b841c4e95d3b3cad5a

-Fixed bugs with clicking doors (if you click a door and the room doesn’t exist, it will tell you instead of sending an error in console)

-Fixed other error with raids causing issues with muttadile's damage counter

-Renamed the Grand Exchange object at home to Player owned shops

-Fixed bug where you can't go through the first room

-When you kill Great Olm it will now remove the crystals blocking the chest so you can get loot

-Added Great Olm boss instance to instance manager for 1000 sticks

-Staff of the dead, Zuriel’s staff, and Sanguinesti staff can now cast ancients

-Fixed unsired drop from abyssal sire

-Fixed making the abyssal bludgeon


Forum updates:

-Updated the application rules

-Created the report and appeal format



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