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Mathy's Staff Application

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Name: Mathieu (said Matthew, or Matt)

In-Game Username: Mathy

Age: 19

Country & Timezone (Include GMT): Canada - Eastern (UTC−05:00)

Average time played per day: 2-3 hours constantly

What days are you available to play: Every day of the week whenever I can squeeze in some games time. 

When did you join AutoScape: About 3 weeks ago

Why do you want to be an AutoScape staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank: I want to become a staff member because I feel like I can help many new players with my knowledge of the game, and also my overall understanding of RSPSs in general. I feel like I deserve this rank because I am constantly trying to help players with their questions in the CC, I have a great understanding of the server, as in what's where and what something does. 

What are the top 3 qualities you have, that an AutoScape staff member should have: Integrity, Altruism and Patience. 

Have you ever been jailed/muted/banned: N/A

If yes, which one, for how long and why: N/A

If you receive a rank, would you devote hours of free time to play: Of course, as well as bring suggestions to the developing team, be the first on site to help new players/players in need.

Tell us about yourself: I am a College student in Quebec, Canada. I'm 6'7, I play small forward on the college's basketball team. For the RSPS side, I have been playing since 2009-2010, started getting into developing in 2015, hosted a few servers here and there, and most probably working on a server of my own in the near future. Whenever a problem presents itself, I will always try to fix the problem with the concerned parties instead of instantly hand out jail/mutes/bans.

If you were a helper

What would you do if you saw someone spamming: Ask them to reduce the spamming rate to a reasonable rate where the chat isn't fully covered, then give a warning, then a local mute, and if it continues, an IP mute.

What would you do if someone was using offensive language: To me, any offensive language that isn't directed towards someone/something to discriminate them/it, I have no problems with, but once it gets discriminatory or can affect a person in any negative way, I give a clear and loud warning, then I would locally mute, then go towards a ban.

What would you do if someone was flaming another player: Same with the above, mild friendly "flaming" isn't something that I look down on, although both/all parties must be okay with what's being said otherwise, as said above, I will give a loud and clear warning while trying to fix whatever the flaming originates from, then go to a local mute, and then a ban, which will lead to an IP ban in any extreme cases, with approval of higher ranks. 

What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member: The staff team is like a sports team, I would NEVER let someone flame a teammate without stepping in to fix the problem. At first I will try to fix the problem between the parties, then go on to discuss with the concerned staff member privately to get proof of the flaming and depending on the severity of it, we'll work out the consequences as little or extreme as they can get. 

What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on the forums: Remove said comments as soon as I see them, send a PM to the player to give them a warning and try to get any reasons as to why the rude comments were posted. If it's the case, notify the forums moderators to monitor the activities of the said player to make sure it doesn't happen in the future.

What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items: PM the developing team first on Discord, jail the players with the duped items in their possession, assess the damages made by the duped items to see if a roll back would have to be made to help the developing team's process to eradicate dupes on the server

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