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Changelog 1.0

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Hi AutoScape,

Firstly, a welcome from myself, I am happy to be a part of this great server. Now to the changelog. With my introduction, we plan on making more formal updates that thoroughly explain the recent updates. The latest, is as follows:

  • Removed the global messages when getting a 99 after prestiging. 
  • Changed the requirements for max to include construction.
  • Infernal and normal scythe of vitur now hit 3x against NPCs.
  • Infected and Undead Cerberus now announce their drops to all players in proximity.
  • Infernal twisted bow and scythe of vitur now costs 5 smouldering stones to make.
  • Added Blade of saeldor, along with many other items, including upgraded Cerberus boots, volcanic and frozen abyssal whips, and a bunch more cosmetics.
  • Added new items to the prestige shop, including, some cosmetics, bling(weed chain), and eternal torva.
  • Added correct attack animation to the dragon hunter lance.
  • You can now buy items from the Activity shop and AFK cooking shop with tickets or points.
  • Added infernal dragon and king infernal dragon to dragon list.
  • Karambit hits players 2x, 2nd hit is a third of the first hit.

Royal Rumble

We are excited to announce a new minigame, Royal Rumble. It is a FFA pvp minigame (safe), which you bring your own gear to. Every hour cow killer spawns at home and advertises that its starting in 10 minutes. you talk to him to join then your put into a lobby. 10 minutes later you're moved into and you fight fellow players! The Winner gets 400 BM!



We thank you for your continued support of our great server. We appreciate the constant feedback and will continue to push thorough updates per week. Now come online and play Royal Rumble!

Autoscape Management

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