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Magic logs: 20k ea 
Yew logs: 10k ea 
Maple logs: 5k ea 
Rune bars: 50k each 
Addy bars: 40k each 
Mithril bars: 25k each 

Runite: 20k ea 
Adamantite: 15k ea 
Mithril: 5k ea 
Coal: 2k ea 
Barrows pieces: 
Ahrim's set: 50m 
Dharoks set: 50m 
Karils set:  50m 
Guthan's set: 50m
Verac's set: 50m
Godwars items: 
Armadyl: 250m 500m armadyl godsword
Bandos: 100m for chestplate/100m for tassets/100m for bgs/25m for boots
Zamorak: 200m for zamorak spear/150m for staff of the dead 
Saradomin: 100m for Sgs, arma cbow 250m
Donator items: 
Regular Phats 5b each 
Rainbow phat: 8-12b
Black phat: 30b
Infernal phat: 18-20b
Santa hat: 2.5b
Black santa hat: 15b
Inverted santa hat: 3.5b
Blue/Green/Red h'ween mask: 3b
Black halloween mask: 15b
UMB 250m each 
Regular mystery box 25m each 
Drygore Mace: 10b 
Drygore Rapier: 15b
Drygore Longsword: 12b
Offhand Drygore Rapier: 25b
Dex Scroll: 40-50b 
Craw bow: 100m 
Zaros Spirit Shield: 3.5b 
Combined Spirit Shield: 12b 
Blackhole Spirit Shield: 6-8b
Donator Mystery Box: 5-8b
Trading sticks: 200-250m each 
Pvp items: 350m per piece (they degrade very quickly.) 

Torva: 12b for set 
Raids items: 
Twisted bow: 4-8b
Elder maul 200-250m
Dragon claws 1-1.5b 
Dragonhunter cbow 150m
Kodai wand 5b
Ancestral 2.5b per piece 

Cerberus items: 
Pegasians 250m 
Prims 250m 
Eternal 250m 
Smouldering stone: 2-5b 

Infected Cerberus:
Infected Prims 4b
Infected Pegasians 4b
Infected Eternal 4b
Hell maul 20-25b
Ancient weapon pieces 5b ea

Dragon skilling items: 
Pickaxe 50m 
Axe 50m 
Harpoon 50m 
Random Pvm items: 
Dragon bones 100k ea 
Superior dragon bones 250k ea 
Wyvern bones 250k ea 
Lava dragon bones 500k-750k ea 
Dragon boots 5m 
Abyssal whip 10m 
Tentacle whip 25m 
Dragon arrows 10k each 
Dragon darts 10k each 
Mahogany planks 50k each 
Corp items: 
Ely 2-4b
Arcane 1.5-2.5b
Spectral 750m 
Blowpipe 250m
Serp helm 100m 
Mutagens 20m 
Scales 5k each 
Random boss items: 
Dragon warhammer 100m 
Trident of the Seas 75m 
Trident of the Swamp 150m 
Dragonfire shield 30m 
Raids 2 items: 
Avernic defender 1-2b
Ghrazi Rapier 1.4-2b 
Justiciar helm 3.5b 
Justiciar chest 3.5b 
Justiciar legs 3.5b
Scythe of Vitur 4-6b 
Custom items: 

Katana: 100m 
Demonic katana: 100b+
Demonic scythe: 25b
Flaming fire cape: 6-8b
Ghostly wings: 10-15b
Frostmourne: 8b 
MVP Sword:  20-30b
Demon's Sword: 50b 
Infernal tbow: 15b
Twisted magma bow: 100b
Infernal wings: 30b
Eternal torva: 15b (5b a peice)
Bling bling: 6-8b 
Infernal Scythe of Vitur: 30b
Lunar staff: 75b
MVP staff: 350b+
Tekton: 3-4b ea piece
Vorkath: 3-4b ea piece
Sorcerer's: 3-4b ea piece
Sirenic: 50b
Cryo: 50B
Shadowhunter: 50b
Ghostly Torva: 500b
Fire n Ice karambit: 25-50b
Lance of the Illustrious sage: 25b
2h of the Lawbringer: 40b
Blood bandos helm: 30b
Blood bandos chestplate: 5-8b
Blood bandos tassets: 5-8b
Blood bandos boots: 5b



Necklace of anguish: 100-200m
Amulet of torture 100-200m 
Occult necklace 150-200m
Amulet of fury 25m

Droprate items:

Kebbit: 15-25b
Binding necklace: 12.5b
Lunar ring: 12.5b
Ring of wealth: 50m
Ring of wealth scroll: 1b

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Great job, i still think a couple of the item prices should be tweaked a little bit (like some of the skilling supplies and raids items) but for the most part these should be great for a base standard price this is awesome thanks for putting in the time to make this... verry useful :) 

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Drag warhammer seems pretty steep saying its available for 750 activity tokens but most is looking good 

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