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  1. Kittelson

    You're now a homie g
  2. Kittelson

    perm banned. noob.
  3. Kittelson

    I love you Jack. and Congratulations Mathy!!
  4. Kittelson

    By far the best video of 2019. Must watch. 8/8 rating.
  5. Kittelson

    I'm just guessing that they aren't, it's cool how it is now, I just don't like all the rune/dragon drops tbh
  6. Kittelson

    revs aren't supposed to drop supplies, they're there for pvp armor and coins. royal seed pod would be a good idea, I'd say either nerf vorkath or make it harder to do, presets would be too hard to code. and row (i) to pick up coins would be extremely nice.
  7. Kittelson

    Prices shown below is AutoScape's BASE Price for the items. (Players may sell their items at higher price at their discretion. Use this Guide to avoid being scammed / hassled) Logs: Magic logs: 20k ea Yew logs: 10k ea Maple logs: 5k ea Ores: Runite: 20k ea Adamantite: 15k ea Mithril: 5k ea Coal: 2k ea Bars: Rune bars: 50k each Addy bars: 40k each Mithril bars: 25k each Necklaces: Necklace of anguish: 100-200m Amulet of torture 100-200m Occult necklace 150-200m Amulet of fury 25m Barrows Sets: Ahrim's set: 50m Dharoks set: 50m Karils set: 50m Guthan's set: 50m Verac's set: 50m Godwars: Armadyl: 250m 500m armadyl godsword Bandos: 100m for chestplate/100m for tassets/100m for bgs/25m for boots Zamorak: 200m for zamorak spear/150m for staff of the dead Saradomin: 100m for Sgs, arma cbow 250m Raids: Twisted bow: 4-8b Elder maul 200-250m Dragon claws 1-1.5b Dragonhunter cbow 150m Kodai wand 5b Ancestral 2.5b per piece Raids 2: Avernic defender 1-2b Ghrazi Rapier 1.4-2b Justiciar helm 3.5b Justiciar chest 3.5b Justiciar legs 3.5b Scythe of Vitur 4-6b Zulrah: Blowpipe 250m Serp helm 100m Mutagens 20m Scales 5k each Corps: Ely 2-4b Arcane 1.5-2.5b Spectral 750m Cerberus: Pegasians 250m Prims 250m Eternal 250m Smouldering stone: 2-5b Infected Cerberus: Infected Prims 4b Infected Pegasians 4b Infected Eternal 4b Hell maul 20-25b Ancient weapon pieces 5b ea Random boss items: Dragon warhammer 100m Trident of the Seas 75m Trident of the Swamp 150m Dragonfire shield 30m Dragon skilling items: Pickaxe 50m Axe 50m Harpoon 50m PvP items: 350m per piece (they degrade very quickly) Random PvM items: Dragon bones 100k ea Superior dragon bones 250k ea Wyvern bones 250k ea Lava dragon bones 500k-750k ea Dragon boots 5m Abyssal whip 10m Tentacle whip 25m Dragon arrows 10k each Dragon darts 10k each Mahogany planks 50k each Donator items: Regular Phats 5b each Rainbow phat: 8-12b Black phat: 30b Infernal phat: 18-20b Santa hat: 2.5b Black santa hat: 15b Inverted santa hat: 3.5b Blue/Green/Red h'ween mask: 3b Black halloween mask: 15b UMB 250m each Regular mystery box 25m each Drygore Mace: 10b Drygore Rapier: 15b Drygore Longsword: 12b Offhand Drygore Rapier: 25b Dex Scroll: 40-50b Craw bow: 100m Zaros Spirit Shield: 3.5b Combined Spirit Shield: 12b Blackhole Spirit Shield: 6-8b Donator Mystery Box: 5-8b Trading sticks: 200-250m each Custom items: Katana: 100m Demonic katana: 100b+ Demonic scythe: 25b Demon's Sword: 50b MVP Sword: 20-30b Frostmourne: 8b Infernal wings: 30b Ghostly wings: 10-15b Flaming fire cape: 6-8b Infernal Scythe of Vitur: 30b MVP staff: 350b+ Fire n Ice karambit: 25-50b Lance of the Illustrious sage: 25b Infernal tbow: 15b Twisted magma bow: 100b 2h of the Lawbringer: 40b Eternal torva: 15b (5b a peice) Bling bling: 6-8b Ghostly Torva: 500b Sirenic: 50b Shadowhunter: 50b Cryo: 50B Torva: 12B Tekton: 3-4b ea piece Vorkath: 3-4b ea piece Sorcerer's: 3-4b ea piece Blood bandos helm: 30b Blood bandos chestplate: 5-8b Blood bandos tassets: 5-8b Blood bandos boots: 5b Drop-rate bonus items: Kebbit: 15-25b Binding necklace: 12.5b Lunar ring: 12.5b Ring of wealth: 50m Ring of wealth scroll: 1b (Upgrades Ring of Wealth to Ring of Wealth (i) )
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