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  1. Alex

    Woop woop!
  2. Alex

    Great work!
  3. Alex

    Hey guys, Finally we can anounce you guys that our bloodwars dungeon (Godwars dungeon 2) is a fact. Tho we get alot of questions about what the drop table actually is. So I have decided to release a quick guide to get an answer on all of your questions. Drop rates: Blood king graardor: COMMON (1/10): 1x Dharok's helm 1x Dharok's platebody 1x Dharok's platelegs 1x Dharok's greataxe 1x Dragon boots 2,505,255x coins - 5,150,000x coins UNCOMMON (1/25): 1x Bandos chestplate 1x Bandos tassets 1x Bandos boots 1x Bandos godsword RARE (1/100): 1x Blood bandos chestplate 1x Blood bandos tassets 1x Blood bandos boots ___________________________________________________ Blood queen zilyana: COMMON (1/10): 1x Ahrim's hood 1x Ahrim's robetop 1x Ahrim's robeskirt 1x Ahrim's staff 2,505,255x coins - 5,150,000x coins UNCOMMON (1/25): 1x Saradomin full helm 1x Saradomin platebody 1x Saradomin platelegs 1x Saradomin godsword 1x Saradomin sword RARE (1/100): 1x Staff of light 1x Blessed saradomin sword 1x Saradomin godsword (or) VERY RARE (1/2000): 1x Lunar's staff ___________________________________________________ Blood king tsutsaroth: COMMON (1/10): 1x Verac's helm 1x Verac's brassard 1x Verac's plateskirt 1x Verac's flail 2,505,255x coins - 5,150,000x coins UNCOMMON (1/25): 1x Zamorak full helm 1x Zamorak platebody 1x Zamorak platelegs 1x Zamorak godsword 1x Zamorakian spear RARE (1/100): 1x Zamorakian hasta 1x Zamorak godsword (or) VERY RARE (1/2000): 1x Demonic scythe ___________________________________________________ Blood queen'arra: COMMON (1/10): 1x Karil's coif 1x Karil's leatherbody 1x Karil's leatherskirt 1x Karil's crossbow 2,505,255x coins - 5,150,000x coins UNCOMMON (1/25): 1x Armadyl helmet 1x Armadyl chestplate 1x Armadyl chainskirt 1x Armadyl godsword RARE (1/100): 1x Armadyl crossbow 1x Armadyl godsword (or) VERY RARE (1/2000): 1x Twisted magma bow
  4. Alex

    Amazing, keep up the great videos!
  5. Alex


    Hey Dj, Nice to have a "veteran" player around here, I hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. Demon swamp minigame is finally here! You can take part of this minigame by talking with Dominic onion, he will explain everything. Upon completing the demon swamp minigame, you will receive demon tickets, which can be spend at our the demon swamp minigame store. We have updated our well of goodwill interface, to make it look more smooth! In other updates: Fixed the golden nuggets store Added a completely new login screen Edited the ints for torva Added a fully working demon butler pet Added a demon pet Added a construction furniture store (to sell it) Buffed the katana and made it hit quicker Spellbook altar now also heals Added total vote points text to voting store Added skill master capes the correct way
  7. Alex

    We already met, but welcome again my friend. #DADSCAPE
  8. Alex

    Hey guys, My name is Alex, I'm 22 years old, working daily as a technical customer support engineer. In my free time next to being a full-time dad, I like to work with Java. I will be joining AutoScape as a Developer, so I'm really excited to meet the community and create amazing and unique content!
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