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    I don’t know how to start these things so I’m just gonna go with whatever comes to mind. There’s a slight chance you’ll be disappointed, just remember you chose to read this so you can really only blame yourself for not liking anything or being overall dissatisfied. You could’ve looked at someone else’s post that probably has a gif of a monkey juggling kittens or something whackier, nevertheless, here we go. I’m Sith, but my real name is Andrew. I live in what is probably the worst state to live in, Florida. A land that has weather changes more bipolar than a menstruating girlfriend and somehow has so much precipitation in the air that you can literally feel the water hitting your face as you walk outside to check your mail and SOMEHOW begin sweating like you watched an intense drama. I’ve unfortunately lived here for around 19 years of my life and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. I even joined the military to escape this muggy hell I call home but Uncle Sam has a bad sense of humor and I got stationed in, you guessed it, Florida. I play mainly OSRS and Battlefield 4 because that’s all I ever have time for but I still have fun nonetheless. I’ve taken many variations of the name Sith in other games and other places because of not only my fascination with Star Wars, but also my fascination with the ways of the Sith. I’m currently working on a Star Wars Sith sleeve on my left arm but it has a long way to go before it’s finished. I plan on playing this on my downtime when I’m doing something that I don’t particularly like doing in OSRS and hopefully I’ll get into it like I did other RSPS’s like UnScape, Frugooscape, Soulsplit, etc. I thought I’d make this post now since I have a lot of downtime at work today, I’ll be working on my profile and account a little later on into the evening when I settle in with my wife at home. Hope everyone has a fantastic day and don’t forget to wash your damn hands. I don’t want any beer virus in my games. -Sith
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