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    Maaaa man! you hurt my feelings kitt
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    All of these drops were in the last 48 hours, from the start of Terminal till now. Only loots of 50b and higher were taken into the topic, We had lots of more drops such as divine swords etc. Enjoy Somewelshguy: Rain: Also 2 Krill capes has droppen for rain, unfortunately no screenshots were taken. Adhi/Xtc MitchOwnz: special note to the 1kc Boogie drop !! - Feels good being in Terminal - Will post a weekly drop screenshots next week!
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    Hey guys, my name is adhi. Most of you already met me ingame. i am 24 years old, and hooked as fk on this server as you guys have realized i play what i can, have a busy life. work 40 hours a week and maintaining my girlfriend ( which is even tougher then a 40hours work week ) anyways, see yall ingame
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