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  1. Somewelshguy

    Hell yeah and they are only gonna get better. Adhi taking top biscuit this week!!
  2. Watsup brother lets get this boat rocking
  3. Somewelshguy

    Whats up everyone! Im SomeWelshGuy , have been playing the server for a couple weeks now. About me! Im 27, Live with my missus and my 3 year old daughter, with another baby on the way :D. I enjoy playing autoscape mainly because of you lot . Im a proud founding member of TEAM TERMINAL Anyways see you ingame!! P.S I have some things for sale in my POS check that out!
  4. Somewelshguy

    Team Terminal in the building!!
  5. Somewelshguy

    I can vouch that this dude is an absolute beast! Always willing to help out the eco ! :D:D
  6. Somewelshguy


    Awesome stuff! Cant wait to get started! Enquire for more details!
  7. Somewelshguy

    Awesome guide! Thank you for taking the time to make this! Few things ive noticed missing ;- Staff of the golden dragon Infernal D'Hide Set My bad was suppose to post these into the price guide lol @Dummy
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