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  2. Spoke to the other staff members, welcome to the team!
  3. Updated as in it's in now, and they're still degradable, they just have 2b charges now, as removing it was causing issues.
  4. AutoScape's Staff Team 8/19 Owners: Pav, Murci Developers: Alex, Jonny, Warped72 Head Admin: Yoinks Community Manager: Sa1adin, James Admins: Joey Supervisor: 101gp Mods: Jack, HarryT, OG Aidan, Random Bear Helpers: TattooedFox, Sin
  5. New: Added a mysterious priest outside of home which tells about Vorago, since we don't have the animations yet. Player can already get the maul of omens as drop from the two cerberus', but the location of Vorago is "not known yet". Added cerberus droptable. Added Infected/undead cerberus server-sided. Added infernal twisted magma bow. Added a hell maul which does x2 damage to the three cerberus'. Added gfx to hellmaul when attacking a cerberus. Easter ring will now transform you into a random egg. Draynor teleport has been added to cities teleport. (not working) Added cows teleport to the bottom of monster teleports. (not working) Changes: Added some 717 animations to certain weapons (godswords, maul of omens, scimitars, ...). Moved the home teleport area to a little outside the castle (so players will easily see the Mysterious priest). Added a new login background + buttons + logo. Mutated bloodvelds and normal bloodvelds tasks will count towards slayer task when killing either one. Moved the warped jelly teleport location, and normal jellies and warped jellies will count towards each other's slayer tasks. Changed the amount of shayzien points you get per kill from 1 to 1-10. Fixes: Fixed the wilderness bug where players could attack each other in safezone. Fixed a lot of inventory models. Fixed the skill tab once and for all. Moved the cow teleport location. Changed every instance of PKP/PK points to Activity points. Removed kebbit, dar'wain, and bloodwars pets from minimap. Bloodwars bosses will no longer respawn in the wilderness after being spawned for the monster hunt event. Made ironman, hardcore ironman, and ultimate ironman accounts not able to buy anything with "rune" and "runite" is it's name from the free pking shop.
  6. New: Donator ranks above Sponsor will receive 1.5x xp, Extremes and HCIM with Sponsor rank will receive 1.1x xp. Added new bosses to Monster Hunt minigame in the wilderness to boost activity. Added new prestiging reward up to 250m for prestiging a skill. Added mystery box instead of crate + 200 more tickets for 99. Added sellback for activity shop. Created the new home area map where the bridge to goblins is destroyed with a portal to lead to there. This whole area will be wilderness level 12. You can now buy items from vote shop with points or tickets. You can now create the dragonfire ward. Dragonfire ward now acts as dragonfire shield. Added Uber donator rank perks and cost amount. Demon's sword is now obtainable via demon swamp minigame as a 1/2000 rate. Kebbit pet is now tradable. Made Elder multi-axe useable as a knife. Made Elder multi-axe work like infernal tools. Added karambwan, angler, and dark crab fishing spots to wilderness resource area and made the npcs in the area non-aggressive. MVP Sword, Frostmourne, Twisted Magma Bow and Sorcerer set have all got reworked visually. Fixes: Re-added Lillia to catacombs. Fixed Vesta's platebody visually. HCIM are now allowed to use and buy from gold nugget shop. Twisted bow damage is 2.5, Infernal twisted bow is 3.5, Twisted magma bow is 4.5 now. Made Bloodwars minions aggressive Removed the "[DICE] The gambler ... wins/lost" message when rolling dice. Made ring of stone turn you into rocks and made ring of stone go into ring slot. Fixed Infernal scythe of vitur stand, walk, and run animations. Added stand, walk, and run animations to Basket of eggs.
  7. Thank you for your application! However, we currently aren't looking for any new staff members; though, we will be in the near future. I will keep this application open until the time comes!
  8. New: King infernal dragon is here, he is located in the deep wilderness and has a bunch of amazing drops. Lunar ring now gives 6% drop rate alone, Binding necklace now gives 6% drop rate alone, together they give 18% drop rate. Added all the 3rd age sets to master clues (rare), added the 3rd age plateskirt and druidic to master clue scrolls (very rare). Added the 3 team capes and cape of skulls to easy clue scrolls. Added ::boxguide, ::guides, and ::startguide commands. Added message for clue scroll drops. Added combat dummies to the home. Added the Forum moderator rank in game which comes with it's own crown and color, along with ::autoyell. Added the Supervisor rank in game which is the next rank up from Moderator, it comes with it's own crown and color, and a set of commands. Changes: Fixed the ::forums command. Hardcore iron man armour is now able to be dropped. Ring of wealth (i) and Ferocious gloves will now be kept on death. Frozen abyssal whip, Volcanic abyssal whip, and Amulet of the damned are now tradeable. Replaced the "Respected member" rank in game with "Trusted dicer." Fixed multiple slayer task teleports. Added Vorkath to blue dragon slayer tasks. Added chance of wrath runes when runecrafting. Added abyss teleporter to home north of castle. Added all quests to be functional with how to start by clicking them
  9. Thank you for your application! However, we currently aren't looking for any new staff members; though, we will be in the near future. I will keep this application open until the time comes!
  10. Thank you for your application! However, we currently aren't looking for any new staff members; though, we will be in the near future. I will keep this application open until the time comes!
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  13. Donator box Common: Lamp x10 Antique lamp x10 Red partyhat Yellow partyhat Blue partyhat Green partyhat Purple partyhat White partyhat Partyhat & specs Santa hat Black santa hat Inverted santa hat Wise old man's santa hat Vesta's longsword Vesta's chainbody Vesta's plateskirt Avernic defender Ghrazi rapier Kodai wand Uncommon: Coins x200M Soul split scroll Blackhole spirit shield Combined spirit shield Zaros spirit shield Justiciar faceguard Justiciar chestguard Justiciar legguards Rare: Scythe of vitur Partyhat set Frostmourne Off-hand drygore rapier Ghostly torva helm Ghostly torva platebody Ghostly torva platelegs Ghostly wings Ghostly jordans Lunar staff Vote box Common: Coins x10M Activity tickets x250 Guthan's helm Guthan's warspear Guthan's platebody Guthan's chainskirt Dharok's helm Dharok's greataxe Dharok's platebody Dharok's platelegs Karil's coif Karil's crossbow Karil's leathertop Karil's leatherskirt Verac's helm Verac's flail Verac's brassard Verac's plateskirt Torag's helm Torag's hammers Torag's platebody Torag's platelegs Ahrim's hood Ahrim's staff Ahrim's robetop Ahrim's robeskirt Abyssal whip Volcanic abyssal whip Frozen abyssal whip Amulet of fury Uncommon: Coins x50M Katana Dark bow Saradomin's sword Berserker necklace Odium ward Malediction ward Abyssal dagger (p++) Abyssal bludgeon Zamorak godsword Light ballista Abyssal tentacle Ring of wealth Crystal key x15 Blessed spirit shield Black mask (10) Amulet of the damned Team cape 0 Team cape x Team cape i Dragon boots Bandos boots Elder chaos hood Elder chaos top Elder chaos robe Rare: Bandos chestplate Bandos tassets Bandos godsword Armadyl helmet Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Amulet of torture Necklace of anguish Dragonfire shield Saradomin's blessed sword Staff of light Occult necklace Very rare: Ring of wealth (i) Primordial boots Pegasian boots Eternal boots Torva full helm Torva platebody Torva platelegs Frostmourne Ferocious gloves Spectral spirit shield Toxic blowpipe (empty)
  14. This week, we are adding new pets and fixing the old ones, to start, the pets getting fixed is the Kebbit pet and the Demon butler pet, the new pets are the GWD2 boss pets, along with Dar'wain. We are also releasing the Infernal dragon, along with the Infernal d'hide set and Infernal dragon bones. And in the above pictures you can see two of the same item, the Elder multi-axe, which will be best in slot pickaxe and axe! 6.mp4
  15. Thank you for posting your application! We currently aren't looking for anymore staff member, but we will in the near future, so don't go anywhere!