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  1. Murci

    INTRODUCING A BETTER GROUP BOSSING SYSTEM FOR HARDER BOSSES!!!! Vorago and Harambe will be the first two iterations of this! You will now get custom raid points for doing a certain amount of damage to the bosses in their locations before they die. With these custom raids points, there will be a chest at home near Nyon, where you can click on it and claim your reward for helping participate in these bosses. For Vorago, you will get 1 point for dealing at least 100 damage, and for Harambe, you will get 3 points for dealing at least 500 damage. This is meant to be good for low and high geared players, meaning you can always get better loot from the chests. With this, I also removed the drops and boss points from them. Added a random typing event (example: Type ::A^gea#$AGR for X item), this can give really good rewards for doing so Drop rates changed for donators and Ironmen. +5 (10$) Contributor, +7 Sponsor rank, + 10 Supporter, +14 (300$) Donator, +18 (500$)Super Donator, +20 (1000$)Extreme Donator, +24 ($2500)Legendary, +26 ($5000)Uber donator. +10 to all ironmen(no trading), +25 ultimate ironmen(no banking), +35 hardcore ironmen(osrs exp rates, ult ironman), +15 Extreme mode (osrs exp rates) Added an afk essence mine to ::sz mining dungeon, this is slightly slower than the one at ::lz, also re-added rune, addy, and mithril ores in the dungeon Added a teleport to Edgeville dungeon in the teleporter Removed the spam from consuming unsired Increased the chance of getting pet from ::LZ rooftop agility to 1:2000 Replaced some items in the newly made crystals with better items Increased the chance of upgrading MVP staff and Twisted Magma bow from 1:20 to 1:5, increased the chance of upgrading T2 items from 1:5 to 2:5, increased chance of upgrading T3 items from 1:10 to 3:10, increased the chance of upgrading infernal scythe and infernal twisted bow from 1:40 and 1:10 to 1:4 on both, and removed the trading stick requirement Decreased the chance of getting infernal mystery box from monsters in the wilderness from 1:100 to 1:300, ultra mystery box rate has not been changed and is still 1:50 Added bottomless prayer and super combat potions, only obtained via in game donator store Added the Blood brutal whip, and the Amulet of nightmares, both are only obtained as a legendary drop from the custom raids chest Removed $10 and $50 scroll from raids rare drop table You can now make Super overloads by combining 3 Overload (4) with 1 Hydra leather You can now exchange your Ancient emblems, totems, and statuettes for boss points Added Tekton, Sorcerer’s, and Vorkath armours to Bob’s platinum token shop You will now know the reason you get permanently jailed, or muted for any duration Greatly decreased Harlakk and Tokash HP Pest control timer has been reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds Bug fixes Fixed gem rock mining Fixed Yoinks and Devil’s login messages Dragon crossbow is now wearable and works as a crossbow Fixed getting 0x items from thieving boxes, you will now get at least 1, and removed the chance of getting max capes from them Hardcore ironman accounts can now talk to Adam and get their Hardcore ironman armour back Necklace of anguish (or) now has proper ranged strength You can now sell all items that are in Bob’s platinum shop Fixed some boss aggression Collector’s necklace has been fixed, it will NOT give you dwarf remains for certain items Core server improvement, less lag upon opening bank and wearing items Items dropped by players/NPC’s are shown to the player ONLY for 70 seconds, after which it is shown to ALL players for another 70 seconds, before disappearing. Added a bigger space in between the client border and the “To” and “From,” and the logged in and out messages in split chat Fixed an error when creating the Divine spirit shield You can now spam click your mystery boxes without losing the item/box Fixed a dupe with spins Items kept on death are now sent to your inventory as opposed to your bank
  2. Murci

    Server updates Added ::LZ for Legendary and Uber donators, this is basically a second home, there’s all sorts of skilling including fishing, cooking, farming, mining, afk mining (including a brand new rock), woodcutting, afk woodcutting, and the best agility course. There’s also an exclusive bossing dungeon! Treasure Hunter is here!! Grab your keys daily from voting! You also now receive keys anytime you claim a donation! Added ::updates Added Gambler’s scroll to donor store You will now get boss points from killing Kalphite King and Nightmare Added spin scrolls (1x and 5x), they are a random drop from all bosses Added 1-3 trading sticks to vote mbox Removed the “(easy)” from thieving mystery box, increased the amount of boxes you get per stall, also made them stackable New med-level training grounds west of home, located at the monastery are now Ankou’s to kill with boosted drop table + the flowers act as a new flax field and have a 1:500 chance to reward 5 mithril seeds. A spinning wheel has also been placed at the monastery. Gypsy Aris(RFD) is located in between the monastery and home, near wildy ditch. Updated Skilling achievement rewards to be more relevant always 1m+ for completing an achievement + you can now quickly view it through the unused minigames tab in the quest tab, next to the diarys tab. Added Infernal Tokhaar-kal cape to inferno gambling cape rewards. Karuulum Dungeon (Alchemical hydra, Hydras, Wyrm, Drakes) entrance is east of slayer masters. Removed cerberus task requirements. Loot Pool has now been changed to a daily pool, happening every 12 hours with increased rewards. Greatly reduced skeletal mystic’s accuracy, and defense, slightly reduced hp too Bug fixes Fixed various Player Owned Shops bugs Fixed a bug with smithing+anvil at home has been fixed. Fixed the name of dark crab fishing spot Fixed RFD chest shop not showing up Autoelemental will now announce drops Fixed drake’s and hydra’s max hit Bonecrusher necklace is now wearable POSSIBLY fixed monster stacking in raids Removed the godwars doors cache sided, so you can now enter freely, no kc needed Fixed treasure hunter interface box being to big Bugs we are aware of Treasure hunter doesn’t spin, doesn’t notify you of your rewards, and announce rare rewards
  3. We don't care if you've been banned on runescape, we're talking about AutoScape here. And you also left this part out:
  4. Murci

    Server changes CHRISTMAS EVENT IS HERE!! There are piles of snow around Edgeville, collect snowballs and presents! You have a 1:20 chance of getting a present from getting snowballs! Added stats to 2h of the Nexus, and banned it from pvp Maximum droprate for players under $150 “amount donated” is 70% Maximum droprate for players over $149 “amount donated” is 85% Players that donate $1 - $249 will get 2x xp, $250 - $499 will get 3x xp, $500 - $999 will get 4x xp, $1000+ will get 5x xp (if you have donated $ you will not be grandfathered in unless requested) Greatly reduced boss max hits within the Inferno, it’s now functional. Gamble your inferno cape on the inferno boss for a chance at the pet. Complete the Inferno for an Infernal Cape, and a 1/5 chance at a Neon Infernal Cape or 20 Trading sticks. Added Platinum tokens, mystery boxes, overloads, dragon arrows, and uncut diamonds/dragonstone/onyx to barrows drop table. It’s also extremely easy to complete now. Seed pack reward from Pest control will give 50 Mithril Seeds. Increased all EXP rewards, to increase prestiging. Dagannoth Kings, Kalphite King, and Nightmare added to Instance Manager Moved pest control lobby to edgeville, it’s now in the southern building with the altar Added AutoElemental boss North of ZMI mage in level 10 Wilderness. He drops an assortment of weaponry + a new Chaotic armour set. Infernal Control is a new skilling minigame, within the area any skill leveled will grant extra rewards such as boxes and points. Runite mined will have 1/250 chance to give an infernal mystery box. There is a new mineral to mine, Tokkul.The Furnace there will have a 1/250 chance to give a box as well. There are also a few NPC’s to fight if you do not feel like skilling. These Tzhaar npcs will drop Obsidian armour, Tokkull, gems, sharks, and rarely infernal mystery box 1/1024 Players using the pet obtained from ents, Dar’wain, will have a 1:5 chance at spawning an infernal ent upon killing an ent Made all wilderness npcs non-aggressive Removed stat requirements for zaros spirit shield Removed the turduckens Bug fixes Fixed QBD, nex, and blood nex damage Fixed bob’s platinum shop, you will now get all the platinum tokens for each item you sell Fixed an issue where claiming your donation wouldn’t update your rank Fixed a few helmets not showing your head and/or beard Fixed ctrl + click tele and ::tele command Fixed the very bright gray mod title color Fixed size of revenant hellhound Fixed price of smouldering stone in donator store Fixed many special attacks damage/abilities Fixed all the ugly primal wear models Fixed a lot of armour/weapon prices/kept on death Fixed where kalphite king was safespotable Changed ::snow to activate snow falling, it’s off by default Added a limit of 100 to the “open-all” options on boxes Fixed the direction the furnace at skiller’s cove is facing Greatly reduced the max hit of ascension crossbow
  5. Murci

    + Kalphite King is a new boss and can be found in the Kalphite Queens lair! *MASSIVE DROP TABLE* + Changed Supervisor rank to Head Mod + Banned primal armour from pvp + Buffed korasi’s sword special attack damage + Greatly reduced droprate for tekton, vorkath, and sorcerer's armour - Reduced Harambe’s max hit from 99 to 85 - Greatly reduced queen black dragon’s max hit Bug fixes + To’kash is now attackable + Fixed Char’s script + Fixed infernal mystery box and ultra mystery box turning into dwarf remains with collector’s necklace + Removed all the glitchy stand animations with certain items + Fixed dragon sword’s special attack damage + Moved the barrows tunnel spawn to the chest room + Kitt’s pet is fixed + Fixed issue with upgrading infernal scythe of vitur
  6. Murci

    +Added an Open-all option on Donator, Infernal, and Ultra boxes, after 100 consecutive openings, you will no longer get notifications of what you get +Added imp spawns in the osrs sheep farm in lumbridge +Moved home to edgeville +Removed the farm patches at cows teleport +Infernal cape is now upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 2 @ 20% success rate) +Regular Twisted bow and Scythe of vitur are now both upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 10% success rate) Note: you can still upgrade them with 10 smouldering stones at 100% success rate +Flaming fire cape is now upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 10% success rate) +Cryo platebody and platelegs are now both upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 25% success rate) +All tentacle whips (regular, volcanic, frozen, and rainbow) are now upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 5% success rate) +1M HP boss is now Harambe, and now has 100k HP +Godwars dungeon bosses now give 3 boss points as opposed to 1 +Added an animation when trying to upgrade an item +Replaced Bandos chestplate (upgraded) and Bandos tassets (upgraded) to Malevolent platebody and platelegs +Added Malevolent helmet +Added full Malevolent to Barrows chest drop table +HP now regenerates like OSRS +Dwarf cake now has guzzle option +Removed slay req for kraken for players to easily farm. +Reduced the amount of sticks required for every instance +Slayer task streaks now give platinum tokens +Greatly increased hunter experience rate +Added ::harambe command for Supporter+ ($150 amount donated) +Added ::prestige command for Supporter+ ($150 amount donated) +Added Demon pet to demon swamp shop, it costs 2500 tickets and gives an extra 5, 10, 15 tickets +Added Shadowhunter’s brutal whip to Skotizo drops +Added stats to Shadowhunter’s brutal whip, and added 2 extra hits against npcs +Added collector’s necklace to donator box +Added donation announcements +Clicking “Claim” on activity tickets will now claim all of them as opposed to just one +Players that do 100 or more damage to Harambe or Vorago now get 25 boss points upon killing the boss +Blood wars bosses, maiden, bloat, and king infernal dragon now give 7 boss points per kill +Revamped the donator store +Added Blood nex, entrance is located in lumbridge graveyard, it requires 5 bloodwars vouchers to enter +Blood torva, blood pernix, and blood virtus now have a maximum hp of 200 +Added stats to Chaotic and Neon claws, also added spec bar +Added Char, Har’lakk, To’kash, and QBD teleports +You will now be skulled if you attack Nightmare or Sir Lunar +Added Turkey boss, drops include evil chicken costume, and saradomin godsword (or) +Increased pvp armour degradation from 100k hits to 500k hits +Slightly nerfed vorago and nex +Added Triple Nex Boss +Here are the new rev spawns: Rev hobgoblins - south of raptors at home, rev pyrefiends by dark mage lvl 4 wildy, also near west dragons, rev knight - South West of Wilderness Agility, hellhound/orcs - Forgotten cemetery, raptors - East of Chaos Temple +Players will no longer lose items on death unless they’re in wilderness. +Divine Overload made with OVL + 1 Trading Stick {Potion with no dmg} -Nerfed divine sword -Reduced the maximum hp of regular nex armours to 135 -Removed Vesta’s from donator box Bug Fixes -Two player owned shop bugs have been fixed -Fixed an issue where you could keep trying to upgrade infernal scythe -Fixed an issue where you get the message “You cannot upgrade this item” on upgradeable items, and not on non-upgradeable items -::Droprate no longer shows XX.00000001% and now shows XX% -Fixed starter blowpipe for new players showing it’s filled with hunter potions, and is now filled with mithril darts -Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to upgrade armadylian chestplate and platelegs -Buffed sirenic due to it having the same bonus damage as infernal vanguard -Removed the range defense stats on amethyst arrows, javelins, and bolts -Fixed female model for nightmare platelegs -Fixed an issue where infernal zuriel robe bottoms didn’t give stats or bonus damage -Fixed a bug where players were using a specific cheat engine to load interfaces and use them. -Fixed where it would announce ‘you have received a 10000x’ -Capped open-all on boxes to 28 -Fixed Sigmund’s blood money shop -Fixed sizes of revenant raptor and pyrefiend -Fixed nex model -Fixed Neon infernal twisted magma bow -Fixed Bloodwars twisted magma bow -Now when you advance HP level, you will regenerate your HP.
  7. Murci

    Denied, stop making new accounts to apply on @Sten
  8. Murci

    Requires 3 sticks to upgrade all items You will lose your item and sticks if you fail Tier One Upgrades (Melee) Baby olm (requires 2 pieces @ 60% success rate) > Tekton You can upgrade every piece of baby olm gear (Range) Armadylian (requires 2 pieces @ 60% rate) > KBD You can only upgrade the helm, chest, and legs (Mage) Ancestral (requires 2 pieces @ 60% rate) > Infernal Zuriel’s You can only upgrade the hat, robe top, and robe bottoms Tier Two Upgrades (Melee) Tekton (requires 1 piece @ 20% rate, Tekton Gloves + Boots for ShadowHunter Cape) > ShadowHunter You can upgrade the helm, chest, legs, but you need the gloves and boots to get the cape (Range) KBD (requires 1 piece @ 20% rate) > Vorkath You can only upgrade the helm, chest, and legs (Mage) Infernal Zuriel’s (requires 1 piece @ 20% rate) > Sorcerer’s You can only upgrade the helm, chest, and legs Tier Three Upgrades (Melee) Shadow hunter’s (requires 1 piece to upgrade @ 10% success rate)> Torva You can only upgrade the helm, chest, and legs (Range) Vorkath (requires 1 piece to upgrade @ 10% success rate)> Infernal vanguard You can only upgrade the helm, chest, and legs (Mage) Sorcerer’s (requires 1 piece to upgrade @ 10% success rate)> Enchanted Sorcerer’s You can only upgrade the helm, chest, and legs Infernal Twisted Bow (requires 1 Infernal Twisted Bow to upgrade @10% success rate) > Magma Twisted Bow Tier BIS Upgrades Infernal Scythe of Vitur (requires 1 Infernal Scythe of Vitur @ 15% success rate) > Demonic Scythe Magma Twisted Bow (requires 1 Magma Twisted Bow to upgrade @ 15% success rate) > Infernal Magma Twisted Bow MVP Staff (requires 1 MVP Staff @ 15% success rate)> MVP Staff (U) Lunar Staff (requires 1 Lunar Staff @ 30% success rate) >MVP Staff Misc Upgrade Ultra Mystery Box (requires 5 boxes @ 50% success rate)> Infernal Mystery Box Infernal Mystery Box (requires 1 box @ 3.33333% success rate)> Halloween Mystery Box
  9. Murci

    Changelog 11.0 +Fixed Vesta’s longsword attack animation +Fixed Divine spirit shield model +Added Divine sigil to corp drops +Fixed Drygore weapon names from boxes +Added Divine spirit shield special, will now block 30% of damage taken, while the Elysian only blocks 25% -Banned Divine sword from pvp +Boogie bow is now 2 handed +Added ascension bolts (e) to only be used with the ascension crossbow, also gave ascension crossbow the same strength as the boogie bow +Added Armadylian armour and crossbow, obtained from Kree’arra, an enhanced version of armadyl including *wings! +Changed Kree’arra’s drops, old very rare is now rare, old rare is now uncommon, old uncommon is now common, old common has not been changed +Added stats to Infernal ganodermic, useable in pvp +Added Dagannoth staff, crossbow, and cape to Dagannoth kings drop tables +Bloodmoney Store to bloodwars npc + All GWD 2 bosses now drop blood money with increased accuracy on all loot! +Baby Olm gear to addy/rune drop tables + baby olm drop table. +Nerfed addy/rune dragons to be more noob friendly + changed there distanced attacks. + Added BloodWars Twisted Bow, BloodWars Magma Bow. The Bow will be in the shop and be used to create the upgraded magma bow. -Removed cooking level for all fish, anglerfish is at home to be fished/cooked with no requirements +Made pest control queen easier to fight, new way to get void pieces by talking to void knight near fogw! +Gave all Primal Gear better stats + fixed a lot of item bonuses and prices. +We finally exterminated the last of the lizards! But some small dino's moved in next to the castle! -Removed unnecessary loot notifications. *Music cape now has an emote
  10. Murci

    Denied, you can barely speak English, and you keep bugging me and other staff members about getting a rank.
  11. Murci

    Very well made application, welcome to the team
  12. Murci

    Changelog 10.0 +Ecoholders can now drop pets -Removed the combat level from the impling pet -Removed the +$150 amount donated from dexterous scroll +Fixed the royal rumble loot message to now show the item’s name instead of id -Reduced the price of regular scythe of vitur in the sponsor store +Added options to make bolt tips, arrowtips, and javelin heads to amethyst +Ironman can now stake admins and owners +Replaced Ranael with chaos druids +/-Unbanned karambit in pvp, banned justispookier, demon’s sword, and scythe of the occult in pvp +You no longer get vials from finishing a potion +Changed the infernal box from 200m xp to an ultra box -Removed the chance to get 5 sticks from 200m xp to a 1:5 chance to get 1 stick +You no longer get sticks from killing the new bosses -Removed MVP staff from raids shop +Fixed nex armour hp effects, max hp in any regular set (torva, pernix, virtus) is 149, with an angler, the max is 170 +Eco holders should no longer lose the runes from their pouch +All Revs have an increased damage attack level, watch out they hit a lot more frequent. +All combat related NPC's have received a combat buff and now hit more frequent. Introducing Tormented Demons! Located far east of Rogues' Castle in level 52 near the volcanos, use a callisto tele and run north or mage bank teleport. Drops dragon claws, divine sword,infernal vanguard, necklace of anguish(or), sanguinesti staff, and a bunch more!! Lastly, introducing Revenant Raptors! These guys are big, tough, and have great loot! They are located with the other revs east of home. They have an increased chance to drop all rev loot!
  13. Murci

    Appeal denied, jk, unbanned lmao
  14. Murci

    Changelog 9.0 +Added Adamant & Runite Dragon lair ( Have chance to drop keys to access new baby olm boss ) +Baby Olm Boss +Fixed Vorkath aggressiveness +Dropped vorkath's special attack move to 3's instead of 30's +Fixed High Alchemy and made it castable without runes. -Fixed a few small bugs with npcs not giving correct XP +Fixed directional skilling, you can chop a tree from any side and your player will face the object +Added Neon Infernal Claws -Added Divine spirit shield +Fixed infernal T bow +Upgraded infernal Scythe model +Added Double AnyXP Bond will stack with bonus xp scrolls +Fixed vls, stat hammer, and korasi spec animations +Added Lunar Boss and drops, can be located at South-West of Mage Bank ::mb (See image below) +Increased queen black dragon’s max hit to 69 +Buffed korasi slightly +Raids boxes are now stackable +Admins can now use ::giveeco and ::takeeco -Removed annihilation, decimation, obliteration, eternal torva, custom spirit shields, infernal vanguard, and sorcerer’s from pvp +Added Ghostly gloves to finish the ghostly set +Added stats to infernal vanguard, it is now a hybrid range and melee set that is better than tekton and vorago in damage -Removed the broken zaros halo from game, and added the working one to nex drops +Added a 1/50 chance to get an ultra mysterybox and a 1/100 chance to get an infernal mysterybox from any npc in the wilderness +Added a chance of getting 5000-25000 fangs upon killing olm +Fixed droprate, 100% droprate is now 100% drops Changelog 9.5 +Bonfires are here! Rush your way to 99 firemaking while standing by a fire! (Conveniently burning south of home's castle) +Nex armours now have an additional hp boost effect when consuming food +5 More skin colors have been added to the client +High alchemy has returned with no rune requirement +Added collector’s necklace, this replaced the lunar necklace and the drop from the lunar boss -Removed all global messages from opening boxes for ecoholders
  15. Murci

    Denied. You have been muted before and you're a known scammer in duel arena.
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