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  1. Murci

    Appeal denied, jk, unbanned lmao
  2. Murci

    Changelog 9.0 +Added Adamant & Runite Dragon lair ( Have chance to drop keys to access new baby olm boss ) +Baby Olm Boss +Fixed Vorkath aggressiveness +Dropped vorkath's special attack move to 3's instead of 30's +Fixed High Alchemy and made it castable without runes. -Fixed a few small bugs with npcs not giving correct XP +Fixed directional skilling, you can chop a tree from any side and your player will face the object +Added Neon Infernal Claws -Added Divine spirit shield +Fixed infernal T bow +Upgraded infernal Scythe model +Added Double AnyXP Bond will stack with bonus xp scrolls +Fixed vls, stat hammer, and korasi spec animations +Added Lunar Boss and drops, can be located at South-West of Mage Bank ::mb (See image below) +Increased queen black dragon’s max hit to 69 +Buffed korasi slightly +Raids boxes are now stackable +Admins can now use ::giveeco and ::takeeco -Removed annihilation, decimation, obliteration, eternal torva, custom spirit shields, infernal vanguard, and sorcerer’s from pvp +Added Ghostly gloves to finish the ghostly set +Added stats to infernal vanguard, it is now a hybrid range and melee set that is better than tekton and vorago in damage -Removed the broken zaros halo from game, and added the working one to nex drops +Added a 1/50 chance to get an ultra mysterybox and a 1/100 chance to get an infernal mysterybox from any npc in the wilderness +Added a chance of getting 5000-25000 fangs upon killing olm +Fixed droprate, 100% droprate is now 100% drops Changelog 9.5 +Bonfires are here! Rush your way to 99 firemaking while standing by a fire! (Conveniently burning south of home's castle) +Nex armours now have an additional hp boost effect when consuming food +5 More skin colors have been added to the client +High alchemy has returned with no rune requirement +Added collector’s necklace, this replaced the lunar necklace and the drop from the lunar boss -Removed all global messages from opening boxes for ecoholders
  3. Murci

    Denied. You have been muted before and you're a known scammer in duel arena.
  4. Murci

    Changelog 8.0 +Added working effects for Annihilation, Decimation, and Obliteration, you have a ⅛ chance to go berserk and deal 150% more damage +Added healing effect to Boogie bow, heals 25% of damage dealt, and is stronger than twisted magma bow, max hit 97 +Buffed Ghostly torva and Demon’s sword +Added Nightmare set -Added healing effect to Nightmare sword, heals 25%, max hit alone 59 +Added Korasi’s sword, ultra mystery box, karambit, and 2h of the lawbringer to royal rumble rewards +Added working spec to Korasi’s sword +Added stats to Vorago set, it is now a tribrid set that’s better than Tekton/Sorcerer/Vorkath armour, but is worse than Cryo/Shadowhunter/Sirenic +You now have the chance to receive the Neon Infernal Cape from the almighty Inferno minigame -Fixed how Staff of light is created, it is not Saradomin’s light + Staff of the dead
  5. @Jack was demoted to player. @purejuststr was demoted to player. @Mathy was promoted to helper. Jack, you know we still love you, you've been here since the beginning, and you're an awesome dude. Unfortunately you aren't as active as we'd like and that's why this is happening, if your situation gets better, feel free to reapply! Purejuststr, I'm just going to be blunt, you're not fit for the staff team, you're a good guy and fun to talk to, but that doesn't pay the bills. If you're currently a part of the staff team, be careful this week, I'm watching you, but not in a bad way because that sounded creepy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Random Bear has stepped down from the administrator position. @Hexic was chosen to replace Random Bear. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Five was promoted to moderator. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Devil was promoted to administrator.
  6. Changelog 7.0 - Halloween Update! +Halloween event is here! Jack-O-Kraken will drop the very rare items at a rate of 1/300. Drops include the Justispookier set and the Scythe of the Occult! ::duel to teleport to Duel Arena, run south of Lumbridge Swamp to fight Jack-O-Kraken Good Luck! Additional updates; +Made custom spell for MVP Staff(heals 25% of damage and same damage as before, works in multi) +Made polypore staff spell for pvp(max 35) +Edited quests tab interface +Added treasure hunter interface +Edited information tab interface +Fixed WOGW bonus xp(was 1.5x XP, now 2x) +Added WOGW bonus xp for contributor+(3x xp) +Fixed 1hr bonus xp scroll +Fixed wilderness +Fixed duel arena +Fixed vet’ion instance +Fixed EP +Fixed price of primal helm in raids shop +Removed infernal box and umb from revs +Created Revenant box +Added 3 new locations for pool and tree +Made hunter skill tab icon teleport to Puro Puro, hunter minigame for xp and boosted rewards like trading sticks +Made slayer skill tab teleport to tasks/towards masters for newcomers to get straight to slayer and get levels up +RuneCrafting Skill Tab teleports to abyss where you can freely train runecrafting. +Added Anglerfish next to afk fishing and reduced all req's to fish/cook them to add to new players skilling and bringing more into the eco + chest/fire next to the spots +Replaced the broken furnace at skiller’s cove -Removed level/rune requirements for high alchemy to encourage items be alched for cash -Removed 200m xp message for p ring users
  7. Murci

    Welcome to the team brother 111gp
  8. Murci

    GP Army Leaders: 101gp, Murci/100gp Members: Purejuststr/103gp, Rizla/111gp Name: GP name: Discord name: Do you enjoy pking?: Yes/No What's your estimated bank value?: How often are you online?: If we are roaming in the wilderness and we stumble upon one of your friends, are you willing to pk them?: Yes/No Are you more of a FFA loot or split the loot kind of person, and why?:
  9. Murci

  10. Murci

    AutoScape's Staff Team 8/29 Owners: Pav, Murci Developers: Alex, Warped72 Head Admin: Yoinks Community Manager: Admins: Joey, Hexic, Devil Supervisor: 101gp Mods: Sin, Kiba, Cocopuffs, Five Helpers: Villain, Mathy
  11. Murci

    Server changes: -Added 1M OSRS tokens -Nerfed sticks from crystal tree, glod, 200m xp, and loot pool -Increase price of MVP staff from raids shop (700k to 2.5m) -Reworked PVM casket -Fixed all Nex models and added Zaryte bow -Removed infinite starters -Added QBD, upon killing it there is a chance of 1000 fangs per every player with rare chance of 1k fangs + 5 trading sticks -Earning Potential system will randomly increase as long as you are in the wilderness with chances to get rare drops increasing all the way to 100% being the best. -Quick sets are available when entering the wilderness as a way to easily fight -You now earn fangs from slayer tasks
  12. Murci

    5.0: The moment we all have been waiting for is now finally here! We are happy to announce the long-awaited update is now ready for release for you all to enjoy! Two bosses has been added to AutoScape, Vorago and Nex! Vorago Vorago is a Very Dangerous Boss! It can be accessed by using a Blue Portal located at East of Home. Vorago drops Trading Sticks , Torva Armor, and more. Nex Nex is a Very Dangerous Boss! It can be found by entering into a cave, South of Home and ::dice. Nex Dungeon is Dangerous. You will need 200 Crystals to fight Nex. You can obtain crystals by killing Crystal Wolves and mining ores or cutting trees inside Nex Dungeon. Nex drops Primal Set, Pernix Set, Virtus Set, and more. Now Introducing Loot Pool and Crystal Trees! Loot Pool will appears every hour at West of Ents. Loot from the Event Pool to get coins and rare chance to $10 Scroll! Crystal Tree will appear every 40 minutes at South of home near Thieving Stalls. Cutting the tree will give you Crystals that have random chance at items including trading sticks Other Additional Server updates: Added ECO Holder(EH): -EH can no longer sell items in Player Owned Shops (POS) -EH no longer lose items on death -EH cannot trade items -EH cannot drop items ------------------------------------------------------- -Drygore long is no longer stackable -Fixed trading untradeable items in player owned shops -Fixed raid points being bugged -Fixed your crown drawing above other peoples’ head -Fixed putting stackable items in looting bag https://gyazo.com/b6899219e8be07b841c4e95d3b3cad5a -Fixed bugs with clicking doors (if you click a door and the room doesn’t exist, it will tell you instead of sending an error in console) -Fixed other error with raids causing issues with muttadile's damage counter -Renamed the Grand Exchange object at home to Player owned shops -Fixed bug where you can't go through the first room -When you kill Great Olm it will now remove the crystals blocking the chest so you can get loot -Added Great Olm boss instance to instance manager for 1000 sticks -Staff of the dead, Zuriel’s staff, and Sanguinesti staff can now cast ancients -Fixed unsired drop from abyssal sire -Fixed making the abyssal bludgeon Forum updates: -Updated the application rules -Created the report and appeal format 5.5: Server updates: -Added tons of new items -Gave Infernal polypore staff a custom spell -Added 3 new bosses, 2 of which are Maiden & Bloat accessed via portal behind the castle. They reward players with lizardman fangs useful in the raids shop. + Group bosses like nex, vorago and the above will now reward group rewards such as activity tickets or (10) trading sticks. -Fixed a safespot on nex and made him slightly harder to solo. Made rare drops slightly less rare. -Fixed a safespot with vorago and made him slightly harder solo. Made rare drops slightly less rare. -Changed how often some events are -Dark altar at home will now teleport players to skotizo a mid tier boss free of charge -Time warp behind ::duel bank will take players to Armoured Cyan boss. New mid tier boss with drops to grind for like kodai insignia, ultra m box, and Dragon Claws. -Redesigned ::Raids shop and made raiding worth grinding for.
  13. Murci

    Type of report: (player or bug) Date: Explanation: Pictures(if applicable): Notes(if applicable):
  14. Murci

    In game name: Date of punishment: Reason for punishment: Pictures(if applicable): Notes(if applicable):
  15. Murci

    Denied due to inactivity just days after applying.
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