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  1. Rain

  2. Rain

    Eyyyy Team Terminal baby
  3. Rain


    Can't wait to get started!
  4. Rain

    Top legend in the game, great guy love playing with you always a good time!
  5. Rain

    Hey Gayfish good to see you in game mate always a pleasure. 🙂
  6. Rain

    Great guide really helps you know what boxes to look out for!
  7. Rain

  8. Rain

    Thanks Satis and Dummy I make time Dummy as I am in love with this server!
  9. Rain

    Welcome my friend, hope you enjoy the server!
  10. Rain

  11. Rain

    So this should be pretty obvious we all use one word and over the course of time we can look back and add all the words together to see how the story goes, so just add one word per post under this one. I will start. The...
  12. Rain

    Looking good mate, great work! 🙂
  13. Also want to thank Pav for being an amazing asset to the server! What a great guy, much love. ❤️
  14. Rain

    Great guide! Helped a lot when I was a new member, thanks!
  15. Couldn't agree more the staff are amazing and the player base is so friendly and helpful!
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