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    AFKing isn't allowed. make sure to check the game rules.
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    Slayer Chest Rewards You can use the slayer chest when you have a slayer key (chest key) Location: North-West from ::Home (Lumbridge) - next to the referral chest. -------------------------------------------------- Common Rewards Adamantite Ore Blue Dragonhide Clean Herbs Dragon Thrownaxe Grimy Herbs Law Dragon Bones Magic Logs Mahogany Planks Raw Dark Crab Runite Bar Wrath Runes -------------------------------------------------- Uncommon Rewards Black Dragonhide Divine Overload Potion (3) Dragon Arrows Enchanted Essence Mystery Box Rune Arrows Saradomin Brew (4) Super Restore (4) -------------------------------------------------- Rare Rewards Dragon Boots Infernal Mystery Box Ultra Mystery Box Uncut Dragonstone -------------------------------------------------- Very Rare Rewards Abyssal Dagger (p) Armadyl Godsword (or) Avernic Defender Clue Scroll (Master) Coins Ghostly Wings Infernal Pickaxe Infinity Pieces Lunar Staff Tektiny (pet) Trading Sticks (1-3) If you notice any rewards are missing from the list, please don’t hesitate to message a staff member so they can add it to the list.
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