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  2. *****I EDITED UP THIS APP TO FIT A YOUTUBER COMMENDATIONS**** ***I also don't expect a "staff" position unless youtuber is counted as one*** Name: Jonathan In-Game Username: Brock Age: 20 Country & Timezone (Include GMT): United States EST How much could you upload a week?: Just about every other day, or about 3-4 videos a week, with the minimum being 2 How many videos do you have of AutoScape?: 4 (6)- 2 unedited What kind of video could you provide to display your skills?: I will be making a video specifically for this app because I have improved greatly since my first few uploads I don't sound so nervous anymore trust me 😜 When did you join AutoScape: around the 30th of December give or take Why do you want to be an AutoScape Youtuber, and why do you feel you deserve this rank: YouTube is a passion for me and I love making content and giving back to communities that deserve the recognition for it as I see a lot of potential for this community to grow I want to be able to provide what I can to help make this goal possible to bring in new solid players in to the server who would dedicate their time as I do in to this server, as I feel I could put out good content for the community as I continue to learn and grow as a YouTuber while I don't have the biggest channel if I keep averaging 50-100 + views people will be bound to come back and subscribe to me as long as I keep getting experience in this matter. You all don't have a lot to work with for me as far a YouTuber but let me prove my potential to the community that I possess. What are the top 3 qualities you have, that an AutoScape Youtuber should have: 1. the ability to bring in new members to the community to help expansion of the forums/in-game 2. provide content atleast more than 2 times a week 3. have good enough quality to maintain a viewer count Have you ever been jailed/muted/banned: only as a joke, not sure if its on my record or not. If yes, which one, for how long and why: jailed just for shiggles it was literally for 10 secs if that If you receive a rank, would you devote hours of free time to play: i am online everyday and play for 4-6 hours everyday Tell us about yourself: I am an outgoing person known to have a “YouTube” voice as I've been told by multiple people I am probably the most chill person anyone could come across as to make me mad it would have to take more than a troll to do so, i bet if anyone tried to make me mad it wouldn't really effect the positivity i possess within my soul. I have a soft heart but it's in my nature as i just love to spread joy and good vibes across the communities. I have been doing YouTube for years, so I'm very experienced with video editing and graphic design, as my commentary might not have been up to par maybe it's better than i think but i have never did commentary for said videos until recently so i had some nerves to work out which is why i wanted to make a specific video for this application which will be made tomorrow, or maybe its already uploaded by the time you all see this. I have taken actual classes in graphical design and 6 months of coding experience for HTML, CSS, PHP, and a bit of JavaScript mostly on Ruby and Python I have a small ego and don't think very highly of myself so positive feedback really helps me keep going. Anyone who might have more inquires on me please feel free to ask I'm always open to talk to anyone.
  3. Brock

    thanks for sharing ahhh the xat chats classic
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    video is uploaded check it
  5. Brock

    I just lost the game
  6. Brock

    ❤️ best of luck you've always helped everyone in need everytime im online you deserve this
  7. Brock

    Ben is gay
  8. Brock

    much love ❤️
  9. Brock

  10. Brock

    i wish you luck on acceptance
  11. Brock

  12. Brock

    he didnt tell me to support him but i havent seen him do no wrong
  13. an updated version will be made ill be making content on raids, pking, and much more the server has to offer any suggestions or constructive criticism would be appreciated https://youtu.be/-SeWm4ygQ7s
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