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  1. Hey y'all i think after some practice recordings I've been attempting I think I have a solid plan for my next video to make it a pretty entertaining video. If you think you would like to see that please encourage me to make more videos because tbh I love youtube its a thing I love too do and my last raid video hit 250+ views
  2. hey bois i updated this so happy to share this new info
  3. Brock

    thanks for sharing ahhh the xat chats classic
  4. Brock

    I just lost the game
  5. Brock

    Ben is gay
  6. Brock

    much love ❤️
  7. Brock

  8. Brock

  9. an updated version will be made ill be making content on raids, pking, and much more the server has to offer any suggestions or constructive criticism would be appreciated https://youtu.be/-SeWm4ygQ7s
  10. A warm welcome is also very nice I'll be popping in when i get the chances to hope to see you there
  11. Obviously I'm not really him but my name is Brock and I am a 20 year old male and i have been enjoying runescape since before the combat update before pking was basically dead. I haven't actually played runscape at all since maybe 2011. I had got in to server development and running various sorts of servers an different helping with low audience servers i had never had a opportunity with a bigger one but no matter I'm not here to become a staff member if it happens it happens but if anyone would want use of my skills i have knowledge in graphic design with 4 years of schooling plus many more of hands on training. I don't know JavaScript but I'm pretty fluent in 3 different languages such as HTML, CSS, and C++ I'm more familiar with using ruby or python but I've recently been training with eclipse. i tend to enjoy graphic design so if anyone would like to see my craft i made things like extreme-scape, and the other ones i cant say i remember too much just small little server but im a very laid back man and thrive off of constructive criticism so if anyone would like to know more about me feel free to ask me i don't have discord so I'm not to sure... I do Youtube as well can't say im well known but i average 100 views a video maybe it could be of help i would love to record some videos of the game and i have a passion or video editing update: 2/13/20: Hey everyone i finished my month job program and I am currently taking electrical classes online to be a future journeyman.. i am already certified in a red hat to be a coal miner, or work on a gas well. A lot of positive things are happening with my life and i cant say how happy i am to be back but will also be trying to focus on classes but will also be here during free time
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