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    At the beginning of my time on AutoScape, I did not know who Jack was. I was eventually promoted to Helper, and still only saw Jack on discord. However, in the past few days that Jack has been on have been great. Not only does Jack help other players, but he enjoys playing the game and wants to help the server grow. If Jack keeps up this mentality, I don't see a reason why he shouldn't be promoted to Administrator. The very least he should be promoted to Head Moderator. With that said, I do believe Jack should get a more significant role in the forums where he can make new boards and promote users to their correct rank. Keep up the great work, Jack.
  2. Ray

    I just lost the game
  3. Ray

    You didn't want to quote the source you got it from?
  4. Name: My name is Ray, but you can call me either Ray or Dan. I like both. In-Game Username: My in-game username is Ray. Age: I am 24 years old. My birthday is in October. Country & Timezone (Include GMT): I live in the United States. My time is in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5). I go back and forth from home and school, but they are both in the same time zone. Average time played per day: My average time played per day is 3-6 hours. I know this a wide range average, but that is because my time per day varies. Everyone has their own life outside of AutoScape. However, most of my free time is dedicated to AutoScape. Only in rare scenarios, I will not be on at all. What days are you available to play: I am available to play everyday, Monday through Sunday. As I stated above, in rare situations I would not be on at all. When did you join AutoScape: I joined AutoScape in December 2019. Why do you feel you deserve the rank of Moderator: Moderator is the next step in my staff career at AutoScape. I want to be apart of a more critical role. I am on AutoScape a substantial amount and feel that my time playing has not only helped me but the server in general. I understand the added responsibility as a moderator, and I willing to immerse myself in it all. People came and went, but I am here on AutoScape for the long term. If promoted to a moderator, I will not let you down. Letting the server down means that I failed, and failure is not an option. Weaknesses: My weakness right now is that I have not been on AutoScape that long. Some may see this as an inexperienced player and not deserving, but that is not the case at all. I have a great deal of staff experience, and I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. Quality means having the best or perceived best of something rather than a lot of less important values. Although I have not been on AutoScape as long as others, my time here has been of benefit and will continue to be valuable. Tell us about yourself: As many of you know, I am Ray. However, you can either call me Ray or Dan. I go by either name in real life. I am currently in school for finance. I love running. I now do 40-50 miles per week. I am steadily training for a marathon. I hope to qualify for one of the big marathons in the near future. I have classes in the mornings, but after that, I am on AutoScape. I am usually bank standing with Ray and helping players, but I am always on an alternate account, usually Kanye. On my alternative account, I mostly do custom raids or bossing. Please add both Ray and Kanye in-game. I would appreciate that. I wanted to say thank you for reading my moderator application. Even if you do not leave a comment, or bring it up to me in-game, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read my application. Also, thank you for the opportunity as Helper, and good luck to everyone else applying for staff positions.
  5. Staff Application Requirements Information: You can only post 1 application every 2 weeks per staff position. Follow all the rules and advice given on this post. Requirements: You have at least played AutoScape for two weeks. You must have 20 forum posts. (Exceptions will be made) You must dedicate at least 1 hour per day to AutoScape You should be familiar with the AutoScape staff team. You must be able to speak competent English. You should be able to use Discord. Advice: Do not ask other players to vouch or support your application. Do not bump your application. A staff member will eventually read it. Act professional in game, on the forums, and discord. Being a constant troll will not help your chances at becoming a staff member. Put in as much effort as you can on your staff application. Thank you and good luck.
  6. All right, I say a word like football, then the next person says sports, then after that goal or anything that comes to your mind. First Word: Meme
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    Yesssssssss Hey Ben! Love you! Thanks for being on the forums
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    Liked and subscribed Thanks Brock
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    Bumping this thread because I believe everyone should see your videos!
  10. Ray

    Thank you @Brock Keep making the videos and you will get something from me
  11. Ray

    Just kidding... I don't bench
  12. For the first suggestion, I agree with you. Our staff team has changed dramatically in recent days/weeks and should be updated. If I get the ability to update the forums that will be the first thing I do. I also want to add new boards, which I will explain in a forums post. For your second suggestion, could you elaborate more? Are you talking about donor only quests?
  13. Haha, that was very clever of you. It is very nice to meet you though Brock! Thanks for joining AutoScape, and hope you have a great stay.
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