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  1. Ray

    I just lost the game
  2. Ray

    You didn't want to quote the source you got it from?
  3. All right, I say a word like football, then the next person says sports, then after that goal or anything that comes to your mind. First Word: Meme
  4. Ray

    Yesssssssss Hey Ben! Love you! Thanks for being on the forums
  5. Ray

    Liked and subscribed Thanks Brock
  6. Ray

    Bumping this thread because I believe everyone should see your videos!
  7. Ray

    Thank you @Brock Keep making the videos and you will get something from me
  8. Ray

    Just kidding... I don't bench
  9. Haha, that was very clever of you. It is very nice to meet you though Brock! Thanks for joining AutoScape, and hope you have a great stay.
  10. Ray

    I like that it's 317 now haha
  11. Ray

    Hey, everyone, my name is Dan/Ray, I go by either. I am 24 years old, and I am currently in school for Finance. In-game, I am either skilling or hanging out at home, talking with everyone. I will always be on discord and the forums as well. Any questions for me, feel free to ask away. ~ Thanks
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