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  1. Thought this would be a fun little thing to do and give some players info on what you can expect. ( all prices next to items are total price of all items ) Prices Are Based Off Price Guide Total Price Of UMB's = 25b Total Price Of Loot = 69,622,500,000 COMMON ITEMS Guthan's Helm x3 - 37.5m Guthan's Platebody x2 - 25m Torag's Platebody - 12.5m Karil's Leathertop - 12.5m Karil's Leatherskirt - 12.5m Verac's Helm - 12.5m Verac's Brassard 12.5m Verac's Plateskirt x3 - 37.5m Verac's Flail - 12.5m Ahrim's Hood x3 - 37.5m Ahrim's Robeskirt - 12.5m Dharok's Platebody - 12.5m Dharok's Platelegs x2 - 25m Amulet Of Fury x5 - 125m Amulet Of Torture x3 - 450m Amulet Of Anguish x2 - 300m Tormented Bracelet - 150m Obsidian Helmet x3 - 300m Obsidian Platebody x2 - 200m Obsidian Platelegs - 100m Serpentine Helm x6 - 600m Magma Helm x2 - 300m Tanzanite Helm - 150m Dragonfire Shield x2 - 60m Ancient Wyvern Shield x4 - 400m Eternal Crystal x3 - 600m Berserker Ring (i) Archers Ring (i) Armadyl Godsword x4 - 2b Bandos Godsword - 100m Zamorak Godsword - 100m Bandos Chestplate x4 - 400m Bandos Tassets x2 - 200m Armadyl Chestplate - 250m Abyssal Tentacle x2 - 50m Elder Maul x3 - 675m Abyssal Dagger (p++) x5 - 500m Trident Of The Swamp x2 - 300m Heavy Ballista x3 - 150m Armadyl Crossbow x3 - 750m Dragon Hunter Crossbow x3 - 150m Total Common Loot = 9,622,500,000 RARE ITEMS Blue Partyhat - 5b Purple Partyhat - 5b Black H'ween Mask - 15b Santa Hat - 2.5b Binding Necklace - 12.5b Kebbit - 20b Total Rare Loot = 60b
  2. Rils

    Hello everyone! Rils is my in-game but my real name is Matthew, 22 years young, Thought I may as well post something to fill up some space on the forums Been enjoying my time on the server for over a week now and can definitely say this is a great server, Been playing RSPS's for years now, It's not common to come across one that is managed well and also having staff that are more than helpful and active. Can't wait to see how far we grow, Hope to stay along for the ride. Peace.
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