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  1. Everybody

    Canseq my bro!
  2. Everybody

    Hey there Stranger welcome to AS!
  3. Everybody

    Welcome to the community bud!
  4. Everybody

    Very well written guide for all players especially those looking at contributing to the server
  5. Everybody

    Great guide now I have to work on my mage set-up!! +1
  6. Everybody

    This turned out to be extremely helpful to me because at first I couldn't find out how to hold over max cash! Tyvm +1
  7. Everybody

    Great work really narrows it down for me and what I need to get that infernal scythe
  8. Everybody

    Hey there everybody I'm Everybody. I like to troll when it's dark and take brisk strolls through the park. I also like eggs. If you see me ingame don't be afraid to send me a message! #1 Extreme - like who is Hexalic??
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