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  1. Mathy

    +1 Maybe not cash, but a free skip or two per day would be nice. Or lower the amount for different donator ranks
  2. Mathy

    Hey I'm Mathy, been playing for some time now, I'm 19 from Quebec, I play ball and game in my free time Hope to see you in game!
  3. Mathy

    Hey guys! Here are a few suggestions I have to make the server more appealing to new players and also some bugs or any quick fixes that I think should be adjusted. Here we go! 1. Add items to the bosses drop table to make them worth fighting, like custom Vet'ion armor or for any other bosses with their normal OSRS drop table because right now they aren't worth the fight except for slayer, which makes many bosses useless. 2. Add more NPCs/minigames/reward stores worth grinding for with high investment, high reward, because, for example, Raids right now are useless since it's much easier to get higher tier weapons just by playing a few hours, unlike Raids where the expected drops take much more time. Also I'm already noticing players getting bored from the server because right now the meta is 99s - Prestige - Rinse and Repeat, which is very bad for a server because everyone does it, therefore many more insane items get in the eco, which in the long run doesn't work out too well for a server. 3- Pathing is sort of crapped, unless it's the vps that can't handle too many players, but many times my character will get stuck, I'll click in the same place and then my character goes full Usain Bolt and runs all around the place. Also I'm noticing more and more NPCs that are unattackable no matter what, which can be unappealing to many new players because the server seems very unfinished. 4- Add Vorago! That could be a game changer for the server. Now for some rapid fire quick fixes: Activity points are called Pk points when exchanging Activity tickets. Contributor zone in the spellbook tele's you to the Gnome Agility course. NPC killcount in the magnifying glass tab doesn't work. Also other links don't redirect to the right place. The call Follower button doesn't work in the Equipment tab. The bank sometimes lags out and crashes my client if I click items too far to gear up. Many useful items (Hammer/tinderbox useful) in the ironman shop are missing, I remember Lost Hcim talking about how many items are missing in there. You can't complete the quest duke Horacio is giving because Aubury isn't in Varrock. Jungle demon anims are crapped. That's all I could think at the top of my head right now, I'll constantly update it with more suggestions. Mathy
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