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  1. cocopuffs

    In game name: cocopuffs Date of punishment: 10-17-2019 Reason for punishment: Owning pvp events and wild making five run to murci trying get more items banned from wild Pictures(if applicable): Notes(if applicable):
  2. cocopuffs

    maybe make a boss that comes on halloween for like 3 days then leaves all loot will be set to have limited time
  3. cocopuffs

    Name: cocopuffs GP name:13 Discord name: coco Do you enjoy pking?: Yes What's your estimated bank value?: uknown How often are you online?: when i can If we are roaming in the wilderness and we stumble upon one of your friends, are you willing to pk them?: Probably Are you more of a FFA loot or split the loot kind of person, and why?: not interested much in loot =P willing to share
  4. cocopuffs

    sick good to see prices are being updated
  5. cocopuffs

    i love sin hes awsome
  6. cocopuffs

    Hey all this will prob be my first ever intro in all the lil shits ive played but meh, my ing is cocopuffs my name is Luis im 24 love pc gaming and occasionally xbox 1 love messing around with people but end of it all i show love for all hope to keep meeting great people in this amazing community that make me smile.
  7. cocopuffs

    This be bae right here!!!!
  8. cocopuffs

    Cool nice to have met u
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