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    The Race to Ultimate Bossing Guide! First player that creates ultimate guide that covers everything on bossing in AutoScape will receive multiples end-game items. Your Ultimate Guide must include all criteria listed below in order to receive the rewards. Pictures of all bosses in AutoScape Feature boss drops and droprates How to find the bosses Low - Med - High tier armor/weapon system for bossing Cover Range, Melee, and Mage categories Cover Prayer, Food, and Potions Include pictures of Equipment Layout for tier system Rewards for creating the Ultimate Bossing Guide 10 Donator Boxes Dex Scroll Phat set Off-hand Dryore Rapier 2h Lawbringer Fire n' Ice Karambit Divine Sword Ghostly OR Infernal Wings *you pick one Demonic Katana OR Scythe *you pick one MVP Staff OR Sword *you pick one One armor set of your choosing(you can pick any armor) Exceed the expectations of Ultimate Guide, you will receive more rewards
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  4. The Devil

    11/10 BUMP Two Staff members has been demoted due inactivity. They may contact us to regain their rank, after being active again.
  5. The Devil

    Denied, you need to be more active on AutoScape.
  6. The Devil

    Denied, you need to wait 2 weeks after your last application before reapplying.
  7. The Devil

    Very helpful guide! Thank you for making this!
  8. The Devil

    What a fantastic guide! Thank you both for your hard work and dedication! We all truly appreciate you both!!! ❤️
  9. The Devil

    I love this guide, thank you so much for making such a detailed guide! ❤️
  10. The Devil

    If you try to attempt to use one of the items below in PvP, you will get this pop-up. Sets Sorcerer Eternal Torva Shadowhunter Ghostly Torva Sirenic Cryo K'ril Blood Bandos Infernal Vanguard Nightmare Weapons MVP Staff Lunar Staff Staff of the Golden Dragon Demonic Katana Off-hand Drygore Rapier Fire n' Ice Karambit Decimation Obliteration Annihilation Infernal Twisted Bow 101GP's Twisted Bow Twisted Magma Bow Infernal Twisted Magma Bow Boogie Bow Accessories Bling bling Spirit Shields Ghostly Gauntlets Flaming Fire Cape Ghostly Wing Infernal Wing Perfect Ring
  11. The Devil

    Updated - Please contact me to add items or adjust price on the list.
  12. The Devil

    Hello everyone! I've been wanting to make various guides covering most of what AutoScape has to offer, from our custom items to skilling, and bosses with tutorials. Unfortunately recently, I've been too busy and I came to realization that I can't do all of this by myself. So here I am asking for your help. Please help me to make guides to cover how to fight bosses and best methods to skill or make money, etc. PLEASE help me out by making your own guides and posting it here in Guides section for all new-comers to see and to learn about AutoScape I've been working on AutoScape Ultimate Guide by using Google Spreadsheet, you can check it out here. (It is incomplete and may be outdated) You can use this sheet to make guides or find information. If you have anything you want to add to it, please contact me and I'll be more than happy to add/update it ❤️ Hexic made way more detailed guide, check it out here. I will be handing out boxes for whoever posts good quality guides as a Thank You gift. You may post multiple good quality guides to get more boxes
  13. The Devil

    I love this idea! We definitely should have Spooky Halloween Event
  14. The Devil

    Sorry for the late reply! You obtain raid boxes by buying it from Raids store for 15,000 fangs or events
  15. The Devil

    This is awesome! Thank you for making this and sharing it with us! ❤️
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