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    whered obby go :c
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  3. thx man im online everyday of my life working on this server ❤️
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    Welcome to the server man!
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    welcome all noobs
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    Server has been UPDATED enjoy REVS LOOT
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    Gas mask and bong?
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    AutoScape Client

    Version 1.0.0


  15. PvP Changes: There is now a portal to the west of home with a player killing supply table to the north of it. All of these supplys are now worth 0gp and are encouraged to be used by player killers, new and old alike. While killing players in the wilderness you will receive Blood Money which you can use in the secondary shop by right-clicking the table to purchase Best In Slot gear such as Spirit shields and Barrows gear. There are added revenant spawns with a boosted blood money drop. How can you or new players make money killing these revenants you ask? If the rev drops an emblem keep that emblem with you while your killing revs and you have the chance of upgrading it to a higher tier + extra blood money. Turn in your emblems to the Boss point shop / Emblem trader. You can also kill players to achieve emblems and obtain killstreaks to get higher tiers. Rev drops have also been boosted drastically, from 1/30 to 1/15 for uncommon drops while the rest of the drops have been boosted. For the time being until Raids 1 is fully released, Twisted Bow has been added to the Rev rare drop table to make it fair to all players. New item crafting: You can now make infernal twisted bow by using a smoldering stone on a normal twisted bow. Item Degrading: Some items have been considered over powered as to such we have added a degrading feature to prevent the hardest bosses being slain so easily and to be sure that the items only offer a slight advantage for the time they may be used. This will also help the economy as all these items are obtainable in-game, with a lengthy grind. We can't keep killing a ultra hard boss with the best hits. Just because the items are degrading doesn't mean you can't gain more. Players will find the best way to grind certain items and create a market around them. You can right click the item when wielded to view its remaining charges. You can recharge your items using them on the anvil north of home or talking to Perdu. The cost will be relative to how many charges you have used. The new degrading items with its counterpart/charges are as followed: Item -> (counterpart) charges Twisted Magma Bow (Infernal Twisted Bow) 5000 hits Infernal Twisted Bow (Twisted Bow) 5000 hits Infernal Wings (Ghostly Wings) 1600 hits Ghostly Wings (Dust) 300 hits Blood Bandos set (Bandos set) 500 hits Blood Bandos helm (Helm of Neitiznot) 300 hits Lunar Staff (Zuriel's Staff) 300 hits Dragon Claws (Dust) 1000 hits MVP Sword (Dust) 1000 hits Frostmourne (Dust) 1000 hits Demons Sword (Dust) 1000 hits Demonic Katana (Katana) 10000 hits All PvP tournament (statius, vesta) 1000 hits Renamed Ring of recoil (i) to (ri) and now acts as a ring of recoil and has infinite charges. Made new Sorcerer's gloves. Changes: Blood Bandos set effect has been reduced from 3x to 1x dh set effect. It is still highly effective. Blood bandos gear had a slight stat rework regarding defence and should be able to match against players in PvP If over 1M in player owned store it will pay out platinum tokens instead of coins. Changed starter to better resemble server + prestiging If a player runs away during the character creation screen they will not have a bald 'bob' character but a finely dressed one. Added many names to shop characters so players can easily find shops. Added wizards mind bomb to be drinkable + magic shops. Added textures to Lunar staff. Added wilderness portal to the east of home You now get 1/150M for prestiging You may prestige up to 100 times a skill. Fixes: Fixed Mystic mist and dust battlestaves. Moved ::dice and ::duel teleport locations. You can now challenge players at the new duel arena location.
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    Welcome hope you enjoy the server!
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    Hey thanks for joining the forums!
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    Welcome to the server <333
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    Glad to see you on autoscape
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    Welcome my man
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    Welcome we are so glad to have ya!!!
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