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    Well, lets start off by saying: I am been playing Runescape since around 04/05, and like many long term players have taken my fair share of breaks. I got bored after a while or both RS3 and OSRS, and have been jumping between RSPS's. I have recently started with this server, and while the xp and drop rates are lower than most I have played, this server has a great economy so far and so much potential to grow. Now that I have gotten a new laptop I will be playing more and more and will be dedicating my time to AutoScape as I am enjoying my time so far! A little personal about me, born and raised in Canada, on the east Coast currently living in the west. I live alone, and when not working I am enjoying a nice game of magic with my friends, chilling out playing runescape or just hanging out having a cold beer. I sometimes get too stoned to play Runescape, and that has been hazardous to me dying. Happy Scapin' Everyone!
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