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  2. Cerberus is here lads!!! as the title says, i hope to form a small group of dedicated boss fighters to meet once, maybe twice a week to participate in multi boss killing, PKing and perhaps organise the occasional high stakes PvP tournament! if this sounds the goal of starting the group is to create a small community within a community, in which all players that enter agree that ALL PvM loot is to be split, regardless of value, unless a deal is agreed upon by the other members of the group. Please contact me ingame if this sounds like something you may be interested in, when we reach 3 players, we shall organise times and days that we can hold Boss parties! thanks for taking the time to read, see you @ cerb i hope!
  3. the only requirements needed are a VPN , some patience and a love for the server! First Method: Tell your friends! talk about autoscape to those that you know may have an interest in runescape, or specifically target people that used to play OsRs yet do not have the time required to grind 40 hours a week to become a billionaire! Second method: Step one- Create 10 new email addresses , i personally use GMX as it is very easy to start a new email account, no mobile numbers required ect step two- use those email addresses to create 10 new OsRs or even Rs3 accounts. be sure to change your ip adress using your vpn each time to avoid an IP ban in the long term} step three- pick your time right! JAGEX opporate normal buissiness hours (GMT) although they do have american staff you are more likely to not get a ban 9am-7pm GMT monday to friday than "after hours" or at the weekend (when the servers are at their fullest!) step four- Download GarysHood RS client (an auto typer and clicker, for those unaware) select the auto typer, and copy and paste this message- AUTOSCAPE DOT ORG FREE PRIVATE SERVER- WHERE THE RICH GET RICHER! Step five- Change your ip adress again using VPN, log in and take the account to either the G.E or lumby fountain on busiest worlds, and press F12, the account will now advertise our beautiful server to the whole world! Third Method: Create a reddit account add U/AutoScape upvote every comment from the accounts comments history. Fourth Method: Like the facebook page, invite friends, share posts www.facbook.com/AutoScapeOS Fifth method: Set alarms on your phone and vote twice a day (if your schedule allows) did you know that you can vote on multiple accounts?! all you have to do is use your vpn the change your location before you vote on each account ! free vpns are available as plugins for chrome, but i reccomend Cyberghost as the best, cheapest and most reliable premium VPN service. there you have it guys, five ways that we could all help this server grow. if every single one of us chose to do even one thing on this list once a day, consistently, our precious sever will expand. i love you all. Scumbag.
  4. Name: Ben Fairbrace In-Game Username: Scumbag Age: 28 Country & Timezone (Include GMT): England GMT Average time played per day:anywhere from 5-12 hours a day atm What days are you available to play: Pretty much every day, i can play @ work. When did you join AutoScape:One month ago (14 days playtime) Why do you want to be an AutoScape staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank: I have an economics degree, and have worked in customer service and a retail environment in my IRL life for the past 11 years, so i feel that i could bring some professionalism to the role, as well as the fact that i am very used to assisting those who so not understand procedure as this training has been provided to me by my former IrL employer (i was a store manager for a BP petrol station and had 45+ staff members under me untill i recently started my own headshop business) as for the reason why i would like to become a helper, I would very much like to give back to a community that has provided me with many hours of fun and entertainment. What are the top 3 qualities you have, that an AutoScape staff member should have:Patience, empathy and a good sense of humour Have you ever been jailed/muted/banned: i dont think so ! If yes, which one, for how long and why: If you receive a rank, would you devote hours of free time to play:i already play for 5+ hours a day, and i dont plan on stopping any time soon. Tell us about yourself: I'm a 28 year old white dude from south london in England, I was always the "cool kid" at school but runescape has always been my secret love. I started boxing at the age of 8, and continued to box until recently when i broke both of my wrists, i still go to the gym 5 days a week but its going to be some time before i can hit anything other than a speed bag. i have a wife and a step daughter who is 9, who i am desperatly trying to get into MMOs. i love animals and have parrots, dogs and a 700litre fish tank! oh yeah and sometimes i 420blazeit If you were a helper What would you do if you saw someone spamming:introduce myself and explain that spamming is not accepted here, and politely direct them to the forum to read the rules and or sell/buy the item they may be looking for. if the spamming continued after the initial conversation, there would be one more warning, if that is ignored then mute, and report to whomever i need to. What would you do if someone was using offensive language: politely tell them that although THEY might find that kind of lanuage/humour acceptable, other people on the server might not, and also remind them there might be children playing as this is a game for everyone....if the behaviour continued it would be a mute, possibly a ban for certain things (doxxing, peadophillia, rape , other extreme cases ect) if banning is something helper have the power to do. What would you do if someone was flaming another player: at first i would calmly intervene and ask what the issue is, to see if there is any misunderstanding i might be able to resolve before having to take actions against a player. if the abuse was completely unfounded and just straight out of line, there would be one swift warning before temp muting the offender to give them an hour to cool off. i would perhaps PM the offender before hand to give him one warning to cease or be banned. however, if 2 players are flaming and arguing over something trivial (wilderness beef ect) i would give them 2 warnings, each time asking them to take it to PM if they ignored, both get 30min mutes to cool off. What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member: straight mute possibly jail. What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on the forums: delete the comments immediately, and find a way to contact the player to give them fair warning that we dont not talk like that here....would be logged and if happened agin would lose forum privileges. What would you do if you found or were informed about duped immediately contact Murci or pav via discord/ whatever means staff use for contact very discretely, so as not to inform other players of the situation, and would also tell the player that showed me or told me that they will be rewarded handsomely for their discretion while the issue is dealt with to avoid the spread of the rumor. thank you for taking the time to read my Resume' and for your consideration kindest regards Ben, aka scumbag
  5. scumbag

    Sup guys!? i'm scumbag, but you can call me scum! i'm a 28 year old dude from the south east of england, i'm married with a kid (sorry ladies) and my favourite hobby is maxxing stats on RSPS to impress strangers iv'e never met! see you on the other side GL & HF
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