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    Name: My name is Ray, but you can call me either Ray or Dan. I like both. In-Game Username: My in-game username is Ray. Age: I am 24 years old. My birthday is in October. Country & Timezone (Include GMT): I live in the United States. My time is in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5). I go back and forth from home and school, but they are both in the same time zone. Average time played per day: My average time played per day is 3-6 hours. I know this a wide range average, but that is because my time per day varies. Everyone has their own life outside of AutoScape. However, most of my free time is dedicated to AutoScape. Only in rare scenarios, I will not be on at all. What days are you available to play: I am available to play everyday, Monday through Sunday. As I stated above, in rare situations I would not be on at all. When did you join AutoScape: I joined AutoScape in December 2019. Why do you feel you deserve the rank of Moderator: Moderator is the next step in my staff career at AutoScape. I want to be apart of a more critical role. I am on AutoScape a substantial amount and feel that my time playing has not only helped me but the server in general. I understand the added responsibility as a moderator, and I willing to immerse myself in it all. People came and went, but I am here on AutoScape for the long term. If promoted to a moderator, I will not let you down. Letting the server down means that I failed, and failure is not an option. Weaknesses: My weakness right now is that I have not been on AutoScape that long. Some may see this as an inexperienced player and not deserving, but that is not the case at all. I have a great deal of staff experience, and I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. Quality means having the best or perceived best of something rather than a lot of less important values. Although I have not been on AutoScape as long as others, my time here has been of benefit and will continue to be valuable. Tell us about yourself: As many of you know, I am Ray. However, you can either call me Ray or Dan. I go by either name in real life. I am currently in school for finance. I love running. I now do 40-50 miles per week. I am steadily training for a marathon. I hope to qualify for one of the big marathons in the near future. I have classes in the mornings, but after that, I am on AutoScape. I am usually bank standing with Ray and helping players, but I am always on an alternate account, usually Kanye. On my alternative account, I mostly do custom raids or bossing. Please add both Ray and Kanye in-game. I would appreciate that. I wanted to say thank you for reading my moderator application. Even if you do not leave a comment, or bring it up to me in-game, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read my application. Also, thank you for the opportunity as Helper, and good luck to everyone else applying for staff positions.
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    Application Format Name: Benjamin In-Game Username: Ben Age: 22 Country & Timezone (Include GMT): Eastern European Time ( UTC/GMT +2 hours) Average time played per day: 12+ hours. What days are you available to play: Monday-Sunday When did you join AutoScape: Roughly a week ago. Why do you want to be an AutoScape staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank: Wouldn't say I deserve the spot. But I think I'd be a good addition to the staff team due to my old experiences of being a staff member on x amount of servers in the past. So I know how to behave when different types of incidents occur, or when a player is in the need for quick help. What are the top 3 qualities you have, that an AutoScape staff member should have: Patient, respect and honesty. Have you ever been jailed/muted/banned: No. If yes, which one, for how long and why: ---- If you receive a rank, would you devote hours of free time to play: Yes, Since I'm already devoting x amount of hours playing, it would be the same or a bit more than it is already. Tell us about yourself: Young guy born in Sweden, grew up playing video games/computer games since a young age. Studied IT at high school, and later on took my suitcase and is currently living in Tallinn, Estonia working as a Service desk Specialist. Love Football & UFC. If you were a helper What would you do if you saw someone spamming: Tell them to quit it nicely, if they continue to spam, they'll receive a warning. If the person continues, speak with higher ranked staff members to make the right decision. What would you do if someone was using offensive language: Would do the same thing as if they were spamming. Wouldn't want to make the wrong decision and get blamed for it. What would you do if someone was flaming another player: Speak with them in-game privately and get their side of the story on why he's behaving the way he/she is. And then listen to the affected players story, and then make a decision from there. What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member: Have the player tell me their reason, Because flaming just doesn't happen out of nowhere. There's always a reason behind every argument/fight. And everyone deserves to tell their story on why the incident happen. What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on the forums: Would give them a timeout (mute) from posting offensive languages on the forum. And speak with them in private on why he/she is behaving the way he/she is. What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items: Would contact higher ranked staff members on which action to take from there. If it's eco breaking dupes, the user should either get all the items deleted from their account, or get banned due to breaking the in-game rules. Best Regards, - Ben
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    How long have you been playing the sever. Since may 2019 Whats your IRL name? Jack Whats your in-game name? Jack How will you use your powers? Will use them to assist players with problems. Host giveaways subject to pav or fears approval and assist the owners with the running of the server Will you respect higher ranked staff than you? Been a mod for months and always respected staff higher Why should we pick you? I should be chosen due to being a smart and calm player. Posess the ability to keep a calm head and verbally descalate stressful situations. Ive played rsps for years Something about yourself Im obsessed with football/soccer. Love playing on gta and fifa and playing autoscape ofcourse
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    Contributor: ($10 trading sticks) -5% Drop Rate Boost - Access to the Donator Slayer Dungeon and Contributor Zone (::dz) Sponsor: ($50 trading sticks) -7% Drop Rate Boost Supporter: ($150 trading sticks) - 10% Drop Rate Boost - Access to Mythical Zone (::mz) Donator: ($300 trading sticks) - 12% Drop Rate Boost Super Donator: ($500 trading sticks) - 18% Drop Rate Boost - Access to the Super Donator Zone (::sz) Extreme Donator: ($1,000 trading sticks) - 20% Drop Rate Boost Legendary: ($2,500 trading sticks) - 24% Drop Rate Boost - Access to Legendary Zone (::lz) Uber: ($5,000 trading sticks) - 26% Drop Rate Boost * $1 = 1 stick, you get bonus sticks with the more money donated. Be aware that we are still adding extra perks for the donation ranks. Sponsors + will receive x1.5 exp Extremes and HCIM with Sponsor + will receive x1.1 exp + 10% Drop Rate Boost to all Ironman Players. (no trading) + 25% Drop Rate Boost to all Ultimate Ironman Players. (no banking) + 35% Drop Rate Boost to all Hardcore Ironman Players. (osrs exp rates, ultimate ironman) + 15% Drop Rate Boost to all Extreme Mode Players. (osrs exp rates)
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    Sorry but our staff team is full atm, keep grinding and we might take a look another time.
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    Swan Is a great guy and very helpfulIs a great guy and very helpful! Anything I had questions for he either help me or found someone that would be able to help me with the situation! He didn’t just pawn me off on someone else. I very much appreciate him as a friend and a player I would definitely recommend him for this position! He truly does the right thing and with the best of his ability!
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    Throwbacks for days from runelove. Miss it and Farming's trolling.
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    ~New content ~Daily Tasks for PvM/Skilling has been introduced. Talk to the Information clerk in the home bank to enable tasks. Each task reward will grant 1 Mystery box, 100-400 Blood money, and 1 PvM/Skilling crate depending on the task. Do ::dailytasks if you forget your task. -Lunar Staff may now be upgraded with a 1/3 chance to a MVP Staff! -Telos boss has been added! He drops tekton armour + more and is in the bosses tab of the teleportor -Donator Trading Stick Store now has many custom boss drops and weapons added to support grinding for trading sticks by doing slayer, voting, or skilling to 99s. -MVP Staff now takes 50 wrath runes per spell. This is to aid the economy adding yet another valuable item to the table of drops and into players banks. Will also prevent maxed players afking for exp or drops with one of the best items. -Quest tab now portrays inventory value and bank value ~Bug Fixes -Slayer Chest gives 1/100 wrath runes every key. -Debuffed Custom Raids loot, to much gear was being given out. There will still be good rewards at the end -Changes coins model from a custom axe back to coins, previous update bugged some drops lol -Magic XP has been nerfed -Mithril seeds can be obtained south of home at 1/25 rate picking flax -Added str bonus to justiciar set, slightly nerfed some extremly OP items down a few stats like infernal items, ghostly torva items, eternal torva, to better coexist with its counterparts such as bandos, blood bandos. Shaping the tiers to not be extremely overpowered but a definite upgrade from the previously obtainable items. -Changed Task color in quest book -Updated ::telepursuit Wilderness pursuit boss rewards -Soulsplit prayer will now display the correct overhead Icon
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    lmfao i remember a lot of this. jr mods comment i was on that thread
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    thanks for sharing ahhh the xat chats classic
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    Wowies, I've just learnt a lot about yourself and Pav, a lot more than I thought I would've expected to know.
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    Verbally attacking a user/flaming - Even though we accept the occasional swearing, we do NOT accept when players verbally attack other users, this means when a player continuously and heavily swears at another user and insults them, for whichever reason it may be. (IP mute for a week, then perm ban if it continues) Spamming - A user will be considered a spammer when his' or her's messages are disrupting the public order. (Mute for a day, then week, then perm) Luring - This is a no tolerance rule. Do not lure people into dropping their items for any malicious reason, and do not lure people into the wilderness just to kill them. Luring includes tricking players into dropping their items, or into the wilderness with false information. (1 week ban) Duping - This is a no tolerance rule. If you fine a dupe, on accident or on purpose and do not tell an admin, owner, or developer, you will be banned without warning. (Mac & IP ban on sight) Bug abuse - The abuse of a bug for either personal gain or for the harm of the community or server is forbidden. (Mac & IP ban on sight) Impersonation - The impersonation of a staff member is strictly forbidden and is highly punishable. (Ban on sight) Accounts/Multi-logging - This is a no tolerance rule. Both in-game and forum accounts are personal and non-transferable. You may not use alts to complete quests for rewards. You may ONLY have up to 3 accounts online at any given time (including bossing and etc) besides Event. You only can have one account participating in all Events. (Warning, kick, ban) Event is defined as Royal Rumble, Drop Parties, Giveaways, Goodie bags, any others events hosted by Staff / Community. Macroing/Botting - This is a no tolerance rule. As macroing and botting provide a huge advantage over other players, this is a very serious offense. Macroing and botting include but are not limited to: auto-clicking, auto-looting, and auto-skilling. The only time you are allowed to do this is when you are afk ALCHING and afk making darts, no other time. (Warning, 1 day ban, 1 week ban, perm ban) Discrimination - Discrimination is not allowed within this site (http://www.autoscape.org). This means no racism, sexism, or homophobic comments towards anyone. (1 week mute first offence, perm mute if it continues) Pornography - Seeing how a great portion of the users that use AutoScape are young, we do not allow pornography. (Deleted on sight) Threatening - Threatening or placing in harms way either the server or its community is strictly forbidden and shall be punished severely. (Mac & IP ban on sight) Advertising - This is a no tolerance rule. Advertising any other RuneScape Private Server is strictly forbidden. (Mac & IP ban on sight) Punishment avoidance - Creating an account to circumvent an existing punishment is forbidden. (IP mute/ban if needed) PKP/Emblem farming - This is a no tolerance rule. If you are caught farming yourself or your friend in the wilderness for pkp or emblems you will be punished. (Warning, 1 day ban, 1 week ban, perm ban) Real world trading - The only people you are allowed to real world trade is Pav As this is a new rule, staff will use their discretion to use or not use this rule for the first few weeks, starting from Today (26th Jan 2020) Begging Players are not allowed to beg. This can include players asking for "free items", "loans". This rule will not be in place while an event is on that includes players getting free items, however, they cannot constantly beg/ask for the free items, players will have to be patient. 1st Offence - Warning 2nd Offence - Mute for a day. 3rd Offence - Ban for a week. 4th Offence - Ban for a month.
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    i wish you luck on acceptance
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    I support this. When we've been online at the same time, I've always seen you be positive and help others when needed, and help to resolve any issues that have come by. Best of luck with your application. 🐷
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    he didnt tell me to support him but i havent seen him do no wrong
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    After joining one of Pav's previous servers many years ago I met the man, the myth, the legend himself, Pav. The first time I logged in, I was hooked. I logged in and played his RSPS' for just about, if not everyday for as many hours as I was possibly able to & every time I logged in it felt like a new exciting adventure just to see who was online & what everyone was up to, I'd end up meeting a lot of great people I'd come to call friends and so I have collected screenshots of various things mostly relating to my account because at the time I never expected to still know Pav or anybody else that played for that matter so many years later. Today I share some of my memories I've saved from when times were easier and I was on top of my skilling game. 😢 I am now an inactive member trying to hold onto what once was, here.. is my story.
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