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    All of these drops were in the last 48 hours, from the start of Terminal till now. Only loots of 50b and higher were taken into the topic, We had lots of more drops such as divine swords etc. Enjoy Somewelshguy: Rain: Also 2 Krill capes has droppen for rain, unfortunately no screenshots were taken. Adhi/Xtc MitchOwnz: special note to the 1kc Boogie drop !! - Feels good being in Terminal - Will post a weekly drop screenshots next week!
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    Information about us; Terminal is a new generation rsps PvM clan, Created by Adhi and Somewelshguy. we have decided that it would be fun to start farming raids, harambe or other elite bosses as a group. And since there was none clan/team to join yet, we decided to take things in our own hand. As of right now we are an Invite only clan. You can pm 'Adhi' or 'Somewelshguy' if interested! official cc; Terminal *Note we hang around in /help cc untill we do our own clan activities* Our discord; https://discord.gg/9TrEH5C Memberlist Leaders: Adhi/Xtc & Somewelshguy Council: Bea (Rain) Members: Charisma223 MitchOwnz Zylind TBA To be continued...
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    So this should be pretty obvious we all use one word and over the course of time we can look back and add all the words together to see how the story goes, so just add one word per post under this one. I will start. The...
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    Hey everyone! My name is Rain I am 24 years old, started playing Autoscape recently and have fallen in love with the server! I am an engineer and work 5-6 days a week but play mostly in the evening. Not too much to write about myself but any questions feel free to ask! :) Thanks, Rain.
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    I can vouch that this dude is an absolute beast! Always willing to help out the eco ! :D:D
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    Can't wait to get started!
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    Awesome stuff! Cant wait to get started! Enquire for more details!
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    Top legend in the game, great guy love playing with you always a good time!
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    Also want to thank Pav for being an amazing asset to the server! What a great guy, much love. ❤️
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