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    +Added an Open-all option on Donator, Infernal, and Ultra boxes, after 100 consecutive openings, you will no longer get notifications of what you get +Added imp spawns in the osrs sheep farm in lumbridge +Moved home to edgeville +Removed the farm patches at cows teleport +Infernal cape is now upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 2 @ 20% success rate) +Regular Twisted bow and Scythe of vitur are now both upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 10% success rate) Note: you can still upgrade them with 10 smouldering stones at 100% success rate +Flaming fire cape is now upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 10% success rate) +Cryo platebody and platelegs are now both upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 25% success rate) +All tentacle whips (regular, volcanic, frozen, and rainbow) are now upgradeable via Fountain of upgrading (requires 1 @ 5% success rate) +1M HP boss is now Harambe, and now has 100k HP +Godwars dungeon bosses now give 3 boss points as opposed to 1 +Added an animation when trying to upgrade an item +Replaced Bandos chestplate (upgraded) and Bandos tassets (upgraded) to Malevolent platebody and platelegs +Added Malevolent helmet +Added full Malevolent to Barrows chest drop table +HP now regenerates like OSRS +Dwarf cake now has guzzle option +Removed slay req for kraken for players to easily farm. +Reduced the amount of sticks required for every instance +Slayer task streaks now give platinum tokens +Greatly increased hunter experience rate +Added ::harambe command for Supporter+ ($150 amount donated) +Added ::prestige command for Supporter+ ($150 amount donated) +Added Demon pet to demon swamp shop, it costs 2500 tickets and gives an extra 5, 10, 15 tickets +Added Shadowhunter’s brutal whip to Skotizo drops +Added stats to Shadowhunter’s brutal whip, and added 2 extra hits against npcs +Added collector’s necklace to donator box +Added donation announcements +Clicking “Claim” on activity tickets will now claim all of them as opposed to just one +Players that do 100 or more damage to Harambe or Vorago now get 25 boss points upon killing the boss +Blood wars bosses, maiden, bloat, and king infernal dragon now give 7 boss points per kill +Revamped the donator store +Added Blood nex, entrance is located in lumbridge graveyard, it requires 5 bloodwars vouchers to enter +Blood torva, blood pernix, and blood virtus now have a maximum hp of 200 +Added stats to Chaotic and Neon claws, also added spec bar +Added Char, Har’lakk, To’kash, and QBD teleports +You will now be skulled if you attack Nightmare or Sir Lunar +Added Turkey boss, drops include evil chicken costume, and saradomin godsword (or) +Increased pvp armour degradation from 100k hits to 500k hits +Slightly nerfed vorago and nex +Added Triple Nex Boss +Here are the new rev spawns: Rev hobgoblins - south of raptors at home, rev pyrefiends by dark mage lvl 4 wildy, also near west dragons, rev knight - South West of Wilderness Agility, hellhound/orcs - Forgotten cemetery, raptors - East of Chaos Temple +Players will no longer lose items on death unless they’re in wilderness. +Divine Overload made with OVL + 1 Trading Stick {Potion with no dmg} -Nerfed divine sword -Reduced the maximum hp of regular nex armours to 135 -Removed Vesta’s from donator box Bug Fixes -Two player owned shop bugs have been fixed -Fixed an issue where you could keep trying to upgrade infernal scythe -Fixed an issue where you get the message “You cannot upgrade this item” on upgradeable items, and not on non-upgradeable items -::Droprate no longer shows XX.00000001% and now shows XX% -Fixed starter blowpipe for new players showing it’s filled with hunter potions, and is now filled with mithril darts -Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to upgrade armadylian chestplate and platelegs -Buffed sirenic due to it having the same bonus damage as infernal vanguard -Removed the range defense stats on amethyst arrows, javelins, and bolts -Fixed female model for nightmare platelegs -Fixed an issue where infernal zuriel robe bottoms didn’t give stats or bonus damage -Fixed a bug where players were using a specific cheat engine to load interfaces and use them. -Fixed where it would announce ‘you have received a 10000x’ -Capped open-all on boxes to 28 -Fixed Sigmund’s blood money shop -Fixed sizes of revenant raptor and pyrefiend -Fixed nex model -Fixed Neon infernal twisted magma bow -Fixed Bloodwars twisted magma bow -Now when you advance HP level, you will regenerate your HP.
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    Server updates Added ::LZ for Legendary and Uber donators, this is basically a second home, there’s all sorts of skilling including fishing, cooking, farming, mining, afk mining (including a brand new rock), woodcutting, afk woodcutting, and the best agility course. There’s also an exclusive bossing dungeon! Treasure Hunter is here!! Grab your keys daily from voting! You also now receive keys anytime you claim a donation! Added ::updates Added Gambler’s scroll to donor store You will now get boss points from killing Kalphite King and Nightmare Added spin scrolls (1x and 5x), they are a random drop from all bosses Added 1-3 trading sticks to vote mbox Removed the “(easy)” from thieving mystery box, increased the amount of boxes you get per stall, also made them stackable New med-level training grounds west of home, located at the monastery are now Ankou’s to kill with boosted drop table + the flowers act as a new flax field and have a 1:500 chance to reward 5 mithril seeds. A spinning wheel has also been placed at the monastery. Gypsy Aris(RFD) is located in between the monastery and home, near wildy ditch. Updated Skilling achievement rewards to be more relevant always 1m+ for completing an achievement + you can now quickly view it through the unused minigames tab in the quest tab, next to the diarys tab. Added Infernal Tokhaar-kal cape to inferno gambling cape rewards. Karuulum Dungeon (Alchemical hydra, Hydras, Wyrm, Drakes) entrance is east of slayer masters. Removed cerberus task requirements. Loot Pool has now been changed to a daily pool, happening every 12 hours with increased rewards. Greatly reduced skeletal mystic’s accuracy, and defense, slightly reduced hp too Bug fixes Fixed various Player Owned Shops bugs Fixed a bug with smithing+anvil at home has been fixed. Fixed the name of dark crab fishing spot Fixed RFD chest shop not showing up Autoelemental will now announce drops Fixed drake’s and hydra’s max hit Bonecrusher necklace is now wearable POSSIBLY fixed monster stacking in raids Removed the godwars doors cache sided, so you can now enter freely, no kc needed Fixed treasure hunter interface box being to big Bugs we are aware of Treasure hunter doesn’t spin, doesn’t notify you of your rewards, and announce rare rewards
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    Account security tips Don't reuse login names and passwords If you use your Autoscape login or password for other websites, services or games, the security of all your accounts may be at risk. To stay secure: Use a different password on all accounts If possible use alternative emails on other accounts Account Sharing The simplest form of account theft occurs when you share login information with another player. This could be someone you know or trust in real life or anyone using a tactic to gain your trust and personal information. Avoid: Sharing login details Logging into your account on someone else's computer and saving details to that device - especially if you are unsure that their computer is as safe as it should be. Phishing Phishing scams are used to acquire sensitive personal information and can take many different forms. The most common types of phishing include posing as: 'Official' websites Suspicious emails In-game messages. Malicious software Some hijackers inject viruses and other malware into player-made add-ons, tools or websites. You should always double check the url of every link before you click on it. Malicious software could: Damage your game installation or operating system Expose your credit card and other methods of identity theft - If you have more questions / problems, pm me on forum, or discord: zynox#6952 STAY SAFE!
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    Name: brandon clark In-Game Username: Clark / Bloody Age:25 Country & Timezone (Include GMT): USA-GMT-5 Average time played per day:5 hours+easily What days are you available to play; mon-sun When did you join AutoScape: December 9th 2019 Why do you want to be an AutoScape staff member well I feel as I good be a good helper to new comers very nice and friendly/ willing to help in anyway I can why do you feel you deserve this rank:i just quit osrrs for autoscapes awesomeness:) and because I know im a good person I know the difference between right and wrong (from both sides of the court room) What are the top 3 qualities you have, that an AutoScape staff member should have:Honest , Helpful, Friendly, Courteous and I have a spontaneous need for fun! Have you ever been jailed/muted/banned: none on the above If yes, which one, for how long and why: temp ban for botting as a noobie, 24hr bann ive definitely learned my lesson though If you receive a rank, would you devote hours of free time to play:95% easily* I just stay home and play osrs but now I stay home and play AutoScape when im not working!:) Tell us about yourself: I've skated bmx'd, been in boyscouts love playing autoscape now i'm officially hooked lol I like hunting fishing camping and most of all SMOKING WEED! BLING BLING !!!! AND honestly I've been to jail, but I've done my time if interested in background history just lmk fam! If I Were a Helper! What would you do if you saw someone spamming: I would give them 2 warnings 3rd times temporary mute they just start spamming right after like I leave and come back and still spamming I would explain to them they are receiving a 24 hour mute and to make an appeal on forums explain they know what they did was against rules. What would you do if someone was using offensive language: 24 Hour mute depending on the situation 1 warning What would you do if someone was flaming another player: find out what the conflict is about try to resolve the matter first and then explain that the flamer is getting a 24 hour mute I say this because if the person getting flamed is a new player (possibly a yound kid) may decide not to play the server cause theres a mean person saying rude offensive things to him or watching two players What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member: Temporary mute measured by the flamed staff choice within reason What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on the forums: Remove the comment send them a message that explains their comment was inappropriate and why.then give them 1 warning I say this because any new player about to join might look on forums first and then see somebody saying or talking about something that is rude or offensive if done again I'm are what forum option was would disable there ability What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items: Notify pav or any others staff online who can get hold of him immediatley Did you read the rules before posting your application? Yes i did thanks:)
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    Hello everyone, i'm the security manager of Autoscape, so here to protect everyone. Got any questions or problem, pm me here or discord.
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    Nice stay active i could see you helping out autoscape and staying around for a long time
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    Introduction: Hello everyone! Today you learn about one of the best ways to start when joining the game. First, it is great XP and can provide an odd drop of a box that has a chance at providing you with a rare item. Second, and most importantly, the quest gives you 5 infernal boxes, and access to Freds shop. Infernal boxes are a great way for extra income, and you may get lucky. Who doesn't love opening boxes, right? Refer to the map below for locations needed during the quest. Beginning The Quest: - Talk to Fred to begin the quest (Refer to map above if you're unsure of his location - he is slightly north west of the bank by the retired farming patch behind the castle). - Go through the dialogue, agree to the quest. (Do not use space bar, it glitches the dialogue). *Note: a couple of dialogue windows were not displayed for redundancy but just click through and start the quest, and you'll be blasting off!* Doing The Quest: - Collect 5,000 "Ent Twigs" from the Ents. Note: You can kill regular or infernal. They are located south of Fred, and directly west of the castle. Seen in the image below, is what the Ent Twigs will look like in your inventory, and the 5 boxes that you will be rewarded with upon completion. Finishing The Quest: - Turn in 5,000 twigs to Fred, to receive your quest reward. Congratulations! You have completed Ent Savior and receive 1 Quest Point. You now have access to Freds shop. You can always check the colors of the quest label as in Runescape, to ensure the quest is started or finished. The shop you will now have access to. XP lamps are 2,500 twigs and can be very helpful for leveling up. I would tell you the prices of the rest, but it's better you do the quest and check it out!
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    I have played a few servers over the years (probably like 50 maybe more), and never have I met a more community involved staff than this server has. I have not only seen the owners online, but also interacted with them on a regular basis. This server is owned and managed by some of the funniest, caring, and useful individuals I have seen. I am currently aiming to become a member of staff (helper hopefully) to better the support available for newer and seasoned players! The server has so much content to offer, and is easily picked up no matter your experience in rsps'. To anyone reading this wondering if you should join this server, the answer is hell to the yes. ❤️
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    I love how many pictures you included, very detailed and easy to follow! Will definitely need you to make more guides for the other quests
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    Gotta say I love that an owner of an rsps can have so many different styles, and be successful in different ways with each of them! I gotta admit that I like the current server more tho haha
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    Changelog 12.1 +Infernal twisted bow can now be upgraded via Fountain of upgrading +Twisted magma bow can now be upgraded via Fountain of upgrading +Infernal scythe of vitur can now be upgraded via Fountain of upgrading +Ultra mystery box can now be upgraded via Fountain of upgrading +Fixed well so it doesn’t take your sticks if you try upgrading something that isn’t upgradeable +Ecoholders no longer lose items from rune pouch, looting bag, heb sack, and gem bag on death +500k HP boss now has 1M hp +Increased 1M HP boss’s drops, common is now 1/5, uncommon is now 1/15, and rare is now 1/75 +Dragonfire shield has been added to Fred’s twig store for 15k twigs +Dragon boots have been added to Fred’s twig store for 10k twigs +Blood Wars Vouchers have been added to Fred’s Twig Store for 250k Twigs +Dragon Armor Set has been added to Fred’s Twig Store 25k for platebody and 10k for chainbody / legs / helm +Added Infernal Twisted Bow upgrade to Magma Twisted Bow +Added Magma Twisted Bow upgrade to Infernal Magma Twisted Bow +Added Infernal Scythe of Vitur upgrade to Demonic Scythe +Added Ultra Mystery Box upgrade to Infernal Box +Mysterious emblem tier 2 - tier 10 is now tradeable +Infernal Bones is now stackable +Blood bandos helm, Demonic scythe, Lunar staff, and Twisted magma bow are now 1/500 from blood wars +Blood king tsutsaroth now drops Kril armour at 1/250 drop rate -Removed lizardman fangs drop from everything but raids -Decreased amount of boss points earned from blood wars and king infernal dragon to 3 points
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    Changelog 12.0 Featuring Fountain of Upgrading! Located next to Prestige Master Requires 3 sticks to upgrade Tier One Upgrades (Melee) Baby olm (requires 2 pieces @ 60% success rate) > Tekton (Range) Armadylian (requires 2 pieces @ 60% rate) > KBD (Mage) Ancestral (requires 2 pieces @ 60% rate) > Infernal Zuriel’s Tier Two Upgrades (Melee) Tekton (requires 1 piece @ 20% rate, Tekton Gloves + Boots for ShadowHunter Cape) > ShadowHunter (Range) KBD (requires 1 piece @ 20% rate) > Vorkath (Mage) Infernal Zuriel’s (requires 1 piece @ 20% rate) > Sorcerer’s Tier Three Upgrades (Melee) Shadow hunter’s (requires 1 piece to upgrade @ 10% success rate)> Torva (Range) Vorkath (requires 1 piece to upgrade @ 10% success rate)> Infernal vanguard (Mage) Sorcerer’s (requires 1 piece to upgrade @ 10% success rate)> Enchanted Sorcerer’s Tier BIS Upgrades MVP Staff (requires 1 MVP Staff @ 5% success rate)> MVP Staff (U) Misc Upgrades Infernal box (requires 1 box @ 3.33333% success rate)> Halloween mystery box Introducing Nightmare Boss! To get there use ::nightmare (WILDERNESS) Mini Boss, Infernal Ent! Infernal Ent spawns at 1/16 rate after killing Ent. Infernal Ent 2x drop rates as regular Ent +Added Makeover Chair +Added Bob, Platinum Token Store. Sell Items to Bob to get Platinum Tokens +Moved Demon Swamp Entrance to outer wall, west of home, next to Ents +Added stats to Infernal ganodermic, useable in pvp +EcoHolders now automatically picks up drops. (Built-in Collector’s Necklace) +Added Dagannoth staff, crossbow, and cape to Dagannoth kings drop tables +Moved Shadowhunter drop from 500k boss to Skotizo +500K HP Boss now drops Ghostly Torva +Fixed Vesta’s longsword attack animation +Fixed Divine spirit shield model +Added Divine sigil to corp drops +Fixed Drygore weapon names from boxes +Fixed Inventory item’s models. +Replaced Sorcerer’s Handwraps with Baby Olm leggings in Baby Olm’s droptable +Added Divine spirit shield special, will now block 30% of damage taken, while the Elysian only blocks 25% +Boogie bow is now 2 handed +Added ascension bolts (e) to only be used with the ascension crossbow, also gave ascension crossbow the same strength as the boogie bow +Added Armadylian armour and crossbow, obtained from Kree’arra +Changed Kree’arra’s drops, old very rare is now rare, old rare is now uncommon, old uncommon is now common, old common has not been changed +Readded Elysian spirit shield and Arcane spirit shield to blood money shop, also added Divine spirit shield +Added Tier 1 gear to boss point shop, Baby olm gear, Armadylian gear, and Ancestral robes +Added trading sticks and smouldering stones to vote shop -Nerfed MVP Staff Damage from +9 to +7 -Banned Divine sword from pvp -Removed Kril and Ghostly torva armour packs from vote shop -Removed Baby Olm gear from Rune & Addy Dragons -Made Rune & Addy Dragon unaggressive -Removed Berry NPC, merged the shop with Fred’s Ent Store.
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