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317 loading osrs data Economy 24 working skills 30+ bosses with pets PK system with killstreaks 80+ Achievements Free for all tournament Resizable mode Zoom-able client Shift dropping Raids 1 & 2 items Much more...!


About Us

News 31/03/2019

Welcome to AutoScape! AutoScape is a Runescape Private Server aimed at entertainment. Made by players, for players. Autoscape aims to capture a flawless gameplay experience for it's players with features that the community wants, rather than the development team. We are an Oldschool-Runescape PvP/Economy based server. This revision is both Oldschool along with some newer pre-EOC weapons such as chaotics, summoning familairs, degradable weapons, curses, and skills. Our community is made up of the finest and friendliest, and our staff is ready to help you right away.

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